Bank Al Habib has one of the longest standing histories in the banking sector in Pakistan with its beginning life in 1891. However, in 1991, it really gained traction and was incorporated but in 1992, it then began operations. Since then, it has continued to deliver a high level of banking that many customers have benefited from and that is all down to the diverse range of products and accounts that they have available.

Al Habib credit cards are designed to give users the freedom they need to take control of their spending while having access to a wide range of benefits. There is no joining fee and the financial charges are extremely competitive and low. Users can take advantage of cash advances and three supplementary cards ensure that they are never without their card while they can also earn rewards on spends that they make whilst using it.

For those consumers who want to own their own property, this product is designed to give borrowers access to finances that enable them to create their dream home. Borrowers can use the finances to purchase their own home or they can choose to build their own home should they wish. However, this product also makes it possible for borrowers to carry out home improvements and even transfer an existing home loan. There is a minimum income requirement while the loan can be spread over as little as one year or twenty-five years. The rates are extremely competitive, ensuring that borrowers are paying a monthly installment that fits their budget.

For those who wish to own their own car, car finance from Bank Al Habib makes it possible through affordable, monthly repayments. Borrowers can take advantage of a wide range of features including free accident insurance and the ability to buy new, used and imported cars. The finance can be paid over a period of one to five years while there is no pre-payment penalty for those who wish to pay off their loan early. The amount they can borrow will defer depending on the type of vehicle they wish to buy.

The Asaan Savings Account is aimed at those who have not had access to a savings account before. There is a small fee required to open the account but that will give savers access to free life insurance, excellent rates of profit as well as internet banking.

This personal loan product is designed for those who want to plan for a big purchase without having to use their own savings. Whether they want to carry out work around the home, purchase a new appliance or cover the cost of a wedding, this is a product that offers them all of that. Affordable payments can be made each month over a period of one to five years and there is no processing fee, making it an accessible product for many.

The Mahana Munafa Account is perfect for those who are willing to lock their money away for a fixed period of time ranging from one year to five years. The longer they lock their money away, the more they earn in profit while a minimum amount has to be deposited in order to open the account.

The Monthly Saver Account is an account that is made for people of all ages, with a monthly profit being paid on all savings. The account can be opened by anyone, making it an accessible product for those who want to earn while they save. There is a competitive profit rate, giving savers the chance to earn high profits with profits being paid each month. Customers are also not required to save a fixed balance.