Jubilee Health Insurance at a Glance 

Jubilee Health Insurance is a comprehensive protection for your healthcare in case you deal with medical emergency expenses. The plan offers cashless hospitalization and a wide range of other coverages to consumers in Pakistan. Currently, there are five types of health insurance protection plans offered by Jubilee insurance including Personal HealthCare, Family HealthCare, LifestyleCare, ParentsCare, and HerCare. 

Products Offered by Jubilee Health Insurance 

The following are the 5 main health insurance products offered by Jubilee Health Insurance: 

1- Jubilee Personal HealthCare

As medical inflation is rising in the country, and you can cover your healthcare expenses through Jubilee Personal HealthCare. Any Pakistani citizen aged between 18 years and 49 years can buy this policy. However, it can be renewed yearly till age 59 years. 

Coverages: The following are the coverages of Jubilee Personal HealthCare: 

  1. Avail pre and post-hospitalization coverage  
  2. Get Ambulance services cover up to a specific limit 
  3. Get day-care procedures, prescribed medicines, blood and oxygen supplies, diagnostic investigations, radiotherapy for cancer, kidney dialysis, ventilator, and diagnostic investigations coverages 
  4. Avail coverage for intensive care charges, in-hospital consultations, surgical fees, operation theatre charges, and anesthetist fee 

2- Jubilee Family HealthCare 

Jubilee Family HealthCare plan aims at protecting your family (Self, Spouse, up to four children) healthcare whenever required. The plan covers more than one family member for a fixed amount of hospitalization cover. 

Coverages: You get the following coverages under Jubilee Family HealthCare: 

  1. Hospital, surgical, and miscellaneous expenses such as intensive care charges, in-hospital consultations, surgical fees, operation theatre charges, anesthetist fee, prescribed medicine, ventilator, day-care procedures, and diagnostic investigations coverage 
  2. Pre and post hospitalization expenses coverage 
  3. Cover for ambulance expenses and online doctor consultation  
  4. Emergency international expenses coverage up to a specific limit 

3- Jubilee ParentsCare 

Jubilee ParentsCare is comprehensive healthcare protection for your parents. This plan can be purchased for one's self, parents, one's spouse, and parents-in-law. It covers people between the age of 45 to 65 years; however, you can renew this plan yearly till age 70. 

Coverages: You can get the following coverages under Jubilee ParentsCare: 

  1. Cashless hospitalization facility in more than 200 hospitals countrywide 
  2. Coverage for pre and post hospitalization including post-hospitalization nursing care 
  3. Coverage for expenses arising due to ICU, ambulance service, specialized investigations, day-care procedures, angiography, fracture treatment, and thallium scan 
  4. Get coverage for online doctor consultation and international medical second opinion
  5. Congenital anomalies and pre-existing coverage with certain limits 

Key Exclusions [For Personal HealthCare, Jubilee Family HealthCare, and Jubilee ParentsCare] 

These plans do not cover the following expenses: 

  1. No coverages except for accidental injuries expenses during a defined time 
  2. Pre-existing conditions coverage is not offered beyond the extent 
  3. Costs of cosmetic treatment, congenital anomalies, fertility impotence treatment, HIV-AIDS, sexually transmitted disease, drug abuse, and psychiatric treatment are not covered 
  4. Tt does not cover expenses of injuries due to war, civil commotion, invasion, self-inflicted are not covered
  5. Pregnancy-related fees, outpatient expenses, and cost of hearing aids, dentures, crutches, limbs, or prosthetics are not included  

4- Jubilee LifestyleCare

Jubilee LifestyleCare has been designed to cover the expenses arising from seven major critical illnesses: cancer, kidney failure, heart attack, open Chest, major organ transplant, stroke, and Paralysis. The plan's entry age is 18 years to 50 years and one covered; it can be renewed till age 60.  

Coverages: Jubilee LifestyleCare offers the following coverages: 

  • Cancer: avail lymphatic system and leukemia diseases coverage  
  • Kidney Failure: get coverage for both kidneys peritoneal and hemodialysis 
  • Heart Attack: expenses arising due to chest pain and new characteristics are covered  
  • Open Chest: range for coronary artery bypass surgery and coronary angiography expenses
  • Major Organ Transplant: get your costs of transplantation of heart, liver, lung, small bowel, pancreas, bone marrow, and kidney covered 
  • Stroke: avail coverage for infarction of brain tissue, hemorrhage, and cerebrovascular incident 
  • Paralysis: expenses arising due to irreversible or total loss of two or more limbs 

Key Exclusions: The followings are the key exclusions of Jubilee LifestyleCare: 

  1. No coverage for prostate cancer stage 1, malignant melanoma stage IA and tumor, CIN stage, cancer in situ, basal, and squamous cell carcinoma 
  2. Expenses of angioplasty, key-hole surgery, and any other intra-arterial procedures are excluded 
  3. Acute coronary syndromes, non-ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction, and silent myocardial infarction are not covered 
  4. Expenses arising due to traumatic injury of the brain, transient ischemic attacks, lacunar strokes without the neurological deficit, and neurological symptoms due to migraine are not covered 
  5. Guillain-Barre-Syndrome expenses are not included 

5- Jubilee HerCare 

Jubilee HerCare is a health insurance plan that solely covers eight critical illnesses among women: Breast cancer, Burns, Cervical cancer, Fallopian tube cancer, Paralysis or multi-trauma, Ovarian cancer, Vaginal cancer, and Uterine or endometrial cancer. The plan's entry age is 18-50 years, and once covered, it can be renewed till age 60.  

Additional Coverages: Jubilee HerCare covers 50% of the expenses in case if the baby suffers from the following prescribed disabilities: 

  1. Congenital cyanotic heart disease 
  2. Down's syndrome 
  3. Spina bifida 
  4. With Cleft palate
  5. Without cleft lip 
  6. Trachea-esophageal fistula 

However, these additional benefits are available for the first two children born before the woman attains 40 years of age. 

Key Exclusions: The following are the key exclusions of Jubilee HerCare: 

  1. No coverage for any critical illnesses during its first 90 days
  2. Expenses of self-inflicted injury, HIV, AIDS, drug abuse, and radiation-induced burns are not covered 
  3. Benefits for pre-existing conditions
  4. Costs incurred through death within 30 days from diagnosis of any critical illnesses

How to Buy Your Jubilee Health Insurance? 

You can buy Jubilee HealthCare through Mawazna.com. Here, you can compare and review the health insurance policies of the leading insurers of Pakistan. You need to visit the website, provide the required information, select the type of coverage, and compare the available health insurance plans. 

All these plans mentioned above are available at Mawazna.com. You can get all the required information about these plans from there and buy the plan of your choice online in a hassle-free manner.

Frequently Asked Questions about Jubilee Health Insurance

Q: What does Jubilee Health Insurance cover?

Answer: Jubilee Health Insurance is comprehensive healthcare protection divided among five plans. To know more about these plans, visit Mawazna.com and select the one that matches your needs. These plans are also summarized in the above sections. 

Q: Can I buy my Jubilee Health Insurance Online? 

Answer: You can buy your Jubilee Health Insurance instantly by paying its premium through Mawazna.com. Your policy shall be sent through email once you make online payment. 

Q: How to cancel my Jubilee Health Insurance? 

Answer: You can cancel your Jubilee Health Insurance by directly calling the insurer and sharing your policy details and reason of cancellation. 

Q: How to renew my Jubilee Health Insurance? 

Answer: You can renew your Jubilee Health Insurance in a hassle-free way through Mawazna.com. Feel free to call our helpline number or submit a request and our team will be in touch very soon.