MCB is one of the oldest banks in Pakistan, starting out life in 1947. The bank aims to offer high-quality banking through the implementation of the right technology while working with the right ethics and offering unprecedented levels of management. It offers a huge selection of products, all of which are designed to meet the needs of the people of Pakistan.

MCB Credit Cards offers a variety of reward points to its cardholders. MCB Classic & MCB Gold Credit Card – This is a credit card that is safe, secure and offers rewards for spends in certain locations. It can help users to pay for a wide range of things including education fees while also offering travel insurance and the ability to spread larger payments over longer periods.

MCB Platinum Credit Card – A credit card that offers users reliability and a wide range of shopping, travel and dining opportunities. A reward system makes it possible for users to be rewarded for using the card while it can be used in almost 30 million locations around the world.

Car4U is MCB’s auto finance loan option. It provides borrowers with the chance to own their own vehicle, regardless of whether that is a new car, used car or an imported vehicle. It offers exceptional rates that are designed to make it affordable for many to own their own vehicle. There is financing available for up to 7 years, ensuring that borrowers can find a term and amount that works for them.

These are perfect for borrowers who have the need to make a significant purchase but need an affordable way to cover the cost. It comes with a minimum and maximum loan amount available and the tenure ranges from one to five years. Borrowers are also not required to provide any collateral or there is no processing fee if the loan is not approved.

Their home loan product is designed to offer borrowers the chance to purchase their dream home. This could be a new home, the building of a new home, renovation on an existing property or the purchase of a plot followed by construction of the property. It is available in many cities across Pakistan and depending on the borrower's needs, the amount that they can borrow will differ as that will relate to whether they are purchasing a new home, plan to build a home or choose one of the other options. The loan can be spread over as much as 20 years, providing borrowers with the chance to manage their payments accordingly.

MCB has four main deposit accounts available:

Current Deposit – There is a wide range of current accounts available from MCB, all of which are designed to help users manage their money while offering convenience. They allow users to access their money when they need it and the different available accounts are:

- Current Account
- Business Account
- Basic Banking Account
- Current Life Account
- MCB Asaan Account
- Fun Club - Banking For Kids
- Foreign Currency Current Account
- MCB Smart Business Account
- MCB Ladies Account
- MCB Pensioners Current Account
- MCB Senior Citizen Current Account
- MCB Asaan Remittance Account
- MCB Burqraftaar Remittance Accounts

Saving Deposit – There are a number of accounts available for users to make the most of the money and the excellent rates available to them. The accounts offer different profit payment options and tiered profits based on the amount saved. Users can deposit their money for varying lengths of time in order to earn a profit on their savings. The accounts available are:

- Saving Account
- Smart Saving Account
- 365 Saving Gold Account
- Saving Xtra Account
- Salary Club Gold Account
- Fun Club - Banking For Kids
- Foreign Currency Savings Account
- MCB Pensioners Savings Account
- MCB Senior Citizen Savings Account

Term Deposit – These are available to those who want to make investments over a period of time that suits them. With short to mid-term investment periods available, users can lock their money away in order for them to earn interest that works for them. The term deposit accounts they offer are:

- Flexi Deposit Account
- Mahana Profit Account
- Special Foreign Currency Term Deposit
- MCB Higher Mahana Profit Account