HBL was the first commercial bank of Pakistan and it now has almost 1800 branches throughout Pakistan and 11 million customers. The bank was privatized by the Government of Pakistan in 2004  but the bank still has a presence in over 20 countries throughout four continents. HBL is a bank that is positioned to offer customers a wide selection of products.

The HBL Gold and Green Card provides users with reward points for spends as well as exclusive discounts and offers at shopping and dining outlets. The cards can be used around the world offering users a simple way to spend, earn and benefit from flexible payment plans.

HBL offers a wide range of savings accounts that are designed for those who like to have access to money when they need or choose to fix their funds away for a specific term, allowing them to benefit from significant profits. The profit rate on all accounts will differ based on the type of account, the amount they have saved as well as the amount they deposit. Accounts of different profit payment terms, enabling savers to find an account that fits their needs. The accounts on offer are:

• HBL Value Account
• HBL PLS Savings Account
• HBL Daily Progressive Account
• HBL Daily Munafa Account
• HBL Money Club
• HBL Rut ba
• HBL Foreign Currency Savings Account
• HBL Pensioner Account

The HBL Fuel Saver Card is a great choice for those who want to save on their fuel spend. Users will receive a fixed percentage of cashback on fuel spends, helping them to reduce their monthly fuel outgoings. There are two cards available with the Fuel Saver Gold Card offering a better rate than that of the Fuel Saver Green Card.

The HBL Platinum Card is designed for use abroad and in Pakistan. Users can benefit from a huge selection of features including complimentary airport lounge access, shopping and dining offers as well as flexible payment options.

The HBL Qatar Airways Credit Card comes in two varieties but both come in with a huge range of features that allow users to earn Q miles. These can be earned when shopping, spending on fuel or purchasing with Qatar Airways. Foreign currency spends enable users to earn rewards faster while they also have access to CIP Airport lounges and as well as international airport lounges.

This loan provides borrowers with the opportunity to fund a wide range of purchases when they need it. It can be used to purchase goods or cover the payments of those important things in life. There is a fixed amount that can be borrowed while the payments can be spread over as much as five years or as little as one year. Borrowers can take advantage of a top-up facility every 12 months.

The home loan from HBL is designed to offer borrowers the chance to own the home of their dreams. It enables them to purchase their own property, build their own property or renovate an existing property. There is a significant amount of financing available while they can choose from variable or fixed rate options. Borrowers can spread the cost over as much as 20 years while they can benefit from free property insurance. The amount that can be borrowed will depend on how they plan to use the loan while the loan amount can also depend on this.

Car Ijarah from HBL gives borrowers the opportunity to own their own vehicle through fixed monthly payments that can be spread over terms ranging from 3 years to 6 years. The car will be insured based on a Takaful model and borrowers can benefit from a significant amount that they can use to purchase their dream vehicle.