Let's Compare Term Life Insurance

Mawazna.com provides a hassle-free customer experience through its digital platform offering one-stop shop where consumers can find comprehensive information related to all type of life insurance plans offered by leading Pakistani Insurers enabling them to make more informed decisions through a comparison service

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Mawazna.com provides an impartial comparison service matching with your all life insurance needs. We aim to help you by providing a wide range of life insurance plans that give you better coverage options so you can select the best option resulting in saving a substantial amount of your valuable time and money

Term Life Insurance

Provides full protection to the loved ones in case of an unfortunate death of the Insured person under a limited coverage period such as 1 year, 5 years etc.

Whole Life Insurance

Offers full protection on long term to your loved ones with a fixed sum insured plus additional savings against a very reasonable premium payments

Saving & Investment

Enjoy best saving & investment options with better return on investment to increase your overall wealth through these life insurance products