Silk Bank strives to be one of the top banks in Pakistan, offering customers access to a range of banking products and accounts that enhance their lifestyle and standard of living. From excellent customer service through to access to the support they need, Silk Bank takes care of the needs of every customer. Silk Bank Limited is a Pakistani bank.

The Munafa Rozana Savings Account is designed to give savers the chance to access an account that provides them with profits that are paid daily. The more deposit that is paid, the higher the rate and that gives savers greater control over their savings.
The PLS Savings Account offers savers access to a savings account that behaves like a current account. They can benefit from profits that are paid out twice a year and with a competitive profit rate, savers can really make their savings work for them. It is the ideal account for both individuals and businesses.
For those who really want to make their savings work hard, the Super Saver account offers the highest returns possible. The higher the deposit savers pay, the more they can earn while the profit is calculated on a daily basis.

The Silk Bank Mahana Munafa deposit account provides savers with the chance to earn significant profits while being able to make the most of an overdraft facility when required. They will also have access to online banking, E-Statements and internet banking facilities, providing them with greater control over their money.
The Other Term Deposit account provides savers with the chance to save their money over fixed periods of time, enabling them to earn profits on their savings. They can deposit their money for as long as 1 month, 3 months or 6 months depending on their needs. The more money that they deposit, the higher the rate they can earn, ensuring that their money works hard for them. This is an account that provides savers with the chance to earn while they save.

This product is the perfect solution for those who require running finance when they need it. It is a product that gives borrowers the chance to live flexibly and fulfill their dreams whether that is starting a new career or planning for the education of a child. This product then gives borrowers the opportunity to access the right funds when they need it.

It also provides borrowers with the chance to pay off existing debts, giving them control over their repayments while there is no collateral required, providing complete peace of mind. There are also discounts available through the Silk Bank Visa Debit Card, giving borrowers even more.

The Gold Card and the Platinum Card from Silk Bank are designed to offer users the ability to carry out balance transfers while offering a cashback facility. However, both cards also provide users with the chance to earn cash back on all purchases. There are discounts available in health establishments, restaurants, and many other sectors, enabling users to save money. One other favorable feature of these credit cards is the treasure chest, where users can take advantage of making larger purchases and spreading the cost.

The personal loan from Silk Bank is designed to provide borrowers with the chance to make those large purchases while being able to make affordable repayments. This enables borrowers to cover the cost of important milestones in life, property renovations or even purchasing a new appliance. The payments can be made over a number of periods ranging from one to five years while there is no collateral required. If borrowers require further funds, then there is a top-up facility available.