Motor insurance (with minimum 3rd party cover) is required by law in Pakistan and so, you need to make sure that you always have the required cover in place whilst driving. United Insurance Company (UIC) is another rapidly growing insurance company in Pakistan offering United Car Insurance. They have a long and experienced history in providing customers with an exceptional level of service and this is particularly true for their Motor Insurance products. Their insurance is designed to cater to the needs of all, offering a wide range of options as well as Takaful Motor Insurance. UIC is a company that has been trading since 1959 and they are a member company of the United International Group, where they have more than 100 branches in the country, ensuring that customers have access to their services.

UIC Car Inurance (Auto Sure Plan)

The Auto Sure Plan is a car insurance product that comes with a free tracker. Whether you have an old vehicle or a new vehicle, they offer comprehensive insurance and that ensures that all the major risks that come with owning a vehicle are covered.

Should customers experience a problem or an accident, then all cases are settled promptly while all medical and additional expenses are included, this also includes third party liability cover.

What is included?

Included as part of this cover, customers can benefit from third-party cover as well as protection from burglary, fire and theft. There is always a risk of terrorism, riots, strikes and malicious damage and so, this insurance will also cover this. Should the vehicle catch fire, become damaged by an external explosion or be damaged by lightning or frost then this also forms part of the cover. Customers can also make use of being towed to the nearest workshop which is a prominent feature that ensures customers are removed from difficult situations and taken care of at the same time.

United Motor Takaful

UIC also offers its customers access to Takaful Motor Insurance and this is available for both old and new vehicles while mitigating all risks by providing full coverage. Customers can benefit from efficiency when it comes to settling claims with all medical and other expenses falling within the boundaries of the cover. Third party liability is also covered as well as all medical and other expenses.

Customers who choose the Motor Takaful cover will be reimbursed for repair or replacement of parts while the market value of the vehicle will be paid should the vehicle be classed as a total loss from damage or theft.

It also comes with salient features and this is cover that is both profit sharing and a Shariah Compliant way to protect all risks. There are free tracker services and all financial transaction are checked by the Shariah Advisory.

If you are looking for the very best in car insurance and the right cover for you, then you need to compare prices. Comparing prices is a vital way of ensuring you pay the right price and achieve the correct level of cover. If you are considering taking out insurance with UIC then you can easily compare prices at Here you can use the car insurance quote calculator to find the products on offer from UIC while ensuring that you always obtain the best possible price.