What is Worldwide Travel Insurance? 

Worldwide travel insurance is travel protection that covers the cost of losses incurred during traveling worldwide. This travel insurance policy has multiple benefits for the insured as it provides coverage for medical emergencies, loss of personal belongings, and flight delays or cancelations. Anyone can buy this insurance for their peace of mind during traveling regardless of age or profession. You can visit Mawazna.com to buy your worldwide travel insurance in a hassle-free way in Pakistan.   

Coverages of Worldwide Travel Insurance

The following are the coverages of worldwide travel insurance: 

  1. Loss of passport, checked-in baggage loss, credit card, delayed departure, connection services, and relay of urgent messages
  2. Hospitalization expenses, accidental injury, emergency dental care, long-distance medical information service, sickness, and repatriation due to illness or accident
  3. Costs for travel of one immediate family member and emergency return to the country
  4. Expenses for repatriation of the mortal remains and accidental death 

Key Exclusions of Worldwide Travel Insurance 

The following are the key exclusions of worldwide travel insurance: 

  1. Any pre-existing medical conditions, personal accidental death, and self-inflicted injuries are not covered 
  2. No coverage for the recovery of a passport left unattended and cost of passport renewal 
  3. Expenses arising due to fines, penalties, losses incurred from terrorism or invasion, and damage or loss due to confiscation are not covered 
  4. No coverage for the loss or theft of a passport, which is not reported to the Police, local embassy, issuance authority, or consulate within 24 hours 

Worldwide Travel Insurance Providers in Pakistan 

The major worldwide travel insurance providers in Pakistan are Adamjee Insurance, UIC Pakistan, TPL Insurance, Habib Insurance, Jubilee General Insurance, Pak-Qatar General Takaful, and SPI Insurance. 

How to Buy Your Worldwide Travel Insurance? 

You can buy a worldwide travel insurance plan instantly through Mawazna.com across the country. Mawazna.com is the fastest-growing digital insurance platform where you can compare travel insurance plans of all the major insurers without any hassle. You can get all the required information and compare these plans through our platform. To buy worldwide travel insurance through Mawazna.com, you need to follow the following steps: 

- Visit Mawazna.com and click ‘Travel Insurance’ 

- Provide the information including who is traveler, traveling destination, trip start date, travel duration, and number of trips that is a single trip or annual multi-trip 

- Click ‘View Quotes’ to compare the available worldwide travel insurance plans 

- Review and compare the plans 

- Click ‘Buy Now’ to purchase the plan of your choice instantly 

Worldwide Travel Insurance – FAQs 

Q: Which countries are covered in worldwide travel insurance? 

Answer: Worldwide travel insurance covers risks related to traveling all around the world. 

Q: Which is the best worldwide travel insurance plan? 

Answer: To know about the best worldwide travel insurance plan, visit Mawazna.com. Here, you can compare travel insurance plans of all the leading insurance companies in Pakistan and buy the best worldwide travel insurance plan. 

Q: When should I buy worldwide travel insurance? 

Answer: It is advisable for you to buy worldwide travel insurance when planning to travel to multiple countries. It covers all the major risks related to traveling across countries. 

Q: How does worldwide travel insurance work? 

Answer: Worldwide travel insurance reimburses you for multiple losses incurred during traveling. 

Q: How to renew my worldwide travel insurance? 

Answer: You can renew your worldwide travel insurance quickly through Mawazna.com