Adamjee Car Insurance at a Glance 

Adamjee Car Insurance is among the best car insurance policies in the country and available to insure any car of your choice. It offers comprehensive coverage to provide you with full peace of mind when you are on the road. 

Benefits of Adamjee Car Insurance 

Adamjee Car Insurance aims at providing multiple benefits, coverages, and value-added services to the holders. 

It provides the following benefits: 

- Comprehensive coverage that offers full protection against any risks associated with car damages

- Offering you the most extensive countrywide motor repair support 

- Providing you theft coverage in case your vehicle is stolen 

- Adamjee Car Insurance covers accidental damage to your vehicle 

- Coverage against third-party liability is offered to you 

- The policy is available at the best premium rates

Value-Added Services on Offer

- Get a tracker, which is optional

- Hassle-free claim assistance and processing

Where Can you Buy Adamjee Motor Insurance? is one of Pakistan’s leading insurance marketplace that offers you a wide range of insurance policies online under one roof. To purchase your Adamjee Motor Insurance, you need to visit We at provide you a safe way to buy your Adamjee Motor Insurance. You need to provide us the required information, and we arrange the policy for you. offers you the opportunity to compare leading insurance policies available in the country and select the best policy yourself. The team of can assist you during the process to buy your Adamjee car insurance. 

Frequently Asked Questions  

Q: What coverages are offered by Adamjee Car Insurance? 

Answer: Adamjee Car Insurance offers you comprehensive coverage against any risk to your vehicle, including accidental, fire, vandalism, third-party liability.

Q: What rates are charged by Adamjee Car Insurance? 

Answer: To know about Adamjee Car Insurance's insurance rates, you can visit car insurance comparison platform and buy your Adamjee motor insurance from there. 

Q: Where can I get insurance for Adamjee Car Insurance? 

Answer: You can buy your Adamjee Car Insurance quickly through 

Q: Where can I compare Adamjee Motor Insurance rates with other Insurance Companies? 

Answer: provides you the opportunity to compare your Adamjee Car Insurance with the leading car insurance competitors in the market.

Q: How to claim Adamjee Car Insurance? 

Answer: You can file any claim directly to the Adamjee car insurance by providing your policy number, personal identification, car details, police report, and car damage details to the company. can help you claim submissions in a hassle-free way; however, the Adamjee Insurance company shall handle the claims entirely. 

Q: How to renew Adamjee Car Insurance? 

Answer: is the right place to renew your car insurance policy. You can get in touch with team Mawazna at least 30 days before your current policy expired. Team Mawazna shall help you to get the best available deal for your next year's car insurance. 

Q: Are there any discounts offered for Adamjee Car Insurance? 

Answer: To know about the discounts offered for Adamjee Car Insurance, you need to visit frequently. We keep you updated about all the discount offers when buying your car insurance policy.  

Q: How can I pay the premium to get my car insured by Adamjee Car Insurance?

Answer: You can pay the premium of your Adamjee Car Insurance through bank deposit, online deposit, and through a cheque to the company. 

Q: How can I cancel my policy for Adamjee Car Insurance? 

Answer: You can cancel the Adamjee Car Insurance policy by calling the helpline of Adamjee Insurance.