Soneri Bank aims to offer an efficient and complete service for customers both online and over the counter. The bank offers financial solutions for customers through a wide range of products that are designed to offer convenience and a simple way of living. Customer service underpins their entire service.

Soneri car finance offers borrowers the chance to own a brand new car or a used or reconditioned car should they choose to. The loan is flexible and offers regular repayments over the course of five years. The process is fast and efficient and once the loan is approved a down payment is required although borrowers will have the option to pay off their loan early should they choose to.

This simple, yet effective product is ideal for those who require a personal loan to make those all-important purchases in life. The loan can be used to pay for tuition fees, new appliances or for a vacation – whatever the customer chooses. The loan can be paid over five years in equal installments where borrowers can benefit from the lowest markup rate available. The process is fast and efficient, ensuring borrowers receive the finance as soon as possible.

The Soneri Savings Account provides savers with the chance to earn money while they save. This flexible account is great for those who want to save, watch as their profit accumulates and as the profit rate increases with the balance. An initial deposit is required to open the account and a monthly average balance is also required while users can benefit from unlimited transactions and a tiered profit rate. Free internet banking is available and users will be given a Soneri Debit Master Card.

There are other accounts available including:

• Soneri Ikhtiar Account
• Soneri Savings Account
• Soneri Current Account
• Soneri Asaan Account
• Basic Banking Account
• Soneri Pensioners Account
• Soneri Sahara Account
• Soneri Foreign Currency Accounts

Soneri offers Sharia-compliant banking for those who require it. There are many different financial solutions available for all clients, helping them to find exactly what they want. There are financing products available including Murabaha, Ijarah, and Salam.

For those who want to deposit, there is a wide range of accounts available including:

• Soneri Jari Account
• Soneri Bachat Account
• Soneri Munafa Account
• Soneri Meaadi Account
• Mustaqeem Rahat Account

All of these accounts provide customers with the opportunity to seek out a product that fulfills their needs while remaining Shariah compliant in every possible way.

The term deposits account is the perfect solution for those who want to make their savings work hard for them. They can save their money for anything from 1 month to 3 years where they can earn a higher rate of profit. Users can reinvest their deposit at the end of the period should they choose to but if they choose to withdraw it early, they will have to pay a charge for doing so.

The home finance product from Soneri Bank makes it possible for customers to purchase their own property or construct their own property on their own plot of land. They can also use the loan to build an extension on an existing property or carry out renovation work. The amount available to borrow differs for that of extension work and that can only be paid back over seven years, however, for all other purchases, payments can be spread of 20 years. There is a processing fee for the loan and repayment charges applicable.