Why You Need a Travel Insurance Plan Before Traveling Abroad?

Why You Need a Travel Insurance Plan Before Traveling Abroad - mawazna

Having a travel insurance plan pre-arranged is a key requirement these days before you apply for a visit visa abroad from Pakistan to the High Commission. However it also offers a peace of mind when you are not on your own country. People say that travel broadens the mind and it most certainly does but when you travel abroad, you need to consider many different things. Travelling to different countries mean that you require different currencies, different vaccinations and even consider you safety but throughout all of this, you will need one thing. The right Travel Insurance Plan.



When you travel abroad, many things can happen that can potentially cause you financial problems and health problems. In fact, you could lose your luggage, your passport or trip and fall on the way to your accommodation, resulting in a trip to hospital. Regardless of whether you are travelling alone or as part of an arranged group as an individual traveller, going on an adrenaline filled holiday or one where you relax by the pool – you will need travel insurance.


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Travel insurance from the likes of Jubilee Travel Insurance, United Insurance Company, Askari Travel Insurance or Habib Travel Insurance will protect you from the cost and problems that arise from any kind of emergency when you are travelling abroad from Pakistan. Therefore, your trip abroad will be hassle free and stress free.


What Makes a Travel Insurance Plan so Important?

Perhaps you are travelling abroad for the first time. You might have spent many years saving for the trip of a lifetime and you could be heading to a destination that is so far out of reach, you might feel as though you are the only one there. However, regardless of where you are going, you need to have travel insurance. When you decide to travel, why should the trip be full of worry or concerns because of what could happen to you? When you are travelling, your focus should be to enjoy the trip, the sights and the adventure that awaits you. Once the excitement subsides, you need to think about your options when it comes to travel insurance. It is crucial to your safety because anything can happen when you are abroad. You can have the best-planned trip but one small thing can cause you a lot of hassles and so, having it in place will give you complete peace of mind.

You must have travel insurance plan to ensure that you are protected. Whether you lose your money, your baggage or require hospital treatment, it is there for you when you need it.


What Risks do You Face?

Travelling alone means that you are at further risk of injury or loss. During your trip, you might pick up an illness or injure yourself, both of which require hospital treatment. Of course, this treatment comes at a cost and with travel insurance in place, the costs will be covered.

When most people travel, they want to capture the moment and keep in touch with the world at the same time. This means you might be carrying a cameral, tablet, a smartphone, or even all three. If so, you could misplace one, have it stolen or damage it. This will leave you out of pocket and will mean that you cannot capture those memories or tell your loved ones that you are safe.


Your passport might go missing through loss or theft. The same can also be said about your money and credit cards. If this happens, travel insurance will make it possible to sort the problem out and ensure that all costs are covered.


What Does it Cover?

As you can see, travel insurance covers you for illness, loss, theft as well as providing you with the support you need. A number of additional benefits are listed below:

  1. Hospital costs will be covered
  2. Baggage loss and associated expenses
  3. Flight cancellation
  4. Theft
  5. Simple claim settlement
  6. Packages to suit your needs


Find Cover that Suits Your Needs

There are many different types of travel insurance available. Therefore, you need to determine what package is right for you. To do this, you can easily compare cover across many different providers at Mawazna.com.  Mawazna is a leading banking and insurance products comparison platform in Pakistan. Through comparing cover you can save money and ensure that you find a provider that gives you the cover you need.


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