About Us

In 2015, Mr. Muhammad Waqar Asghar, Founder & CEO of Mawazna.com - a Planet N Group company [an emerging markets-focused high-tech and social impact investment firm] started re-imagining the offering of insurance products through a comprehensive digital channel in Pakistan. The insurance industry was mostly a brick & mortar business at that time being sold offline mainly through the insurance agents. The team along with its Founder imagined a platform where consumers could find, search fully transparent and impartial insurance product information, and having an end-to-end digital avenue to conduct research and compare insurance products online so they can find the best products and price matching with their needs and then buy online. Also, a channel, where all the latest insurance product offerings and communications would be provided for creating mass-level insurance awareness. Keeping this vision in mind, they started their journey called Mawazna.com. 

Mawazna.com is a product of Finovators Digital Pvt Ltd (a company registered with SECP - Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan) and already helping Pakistan's insurance service sector through a digital marketplace that connects the insurance sector with the target customers. Mawazna offers a price comparison services platform allowing customers to conduct a free and impartial online comparison of all the market-wide insurance products including car insurance, individual and family health insurance, group health insurance, travel insurance, life insurance, corporate insurance, and microinsurance products) offered by the leading insurers in Pakistan. We offer a comprehensive and detailed price comparison facility for the consumers looking for reliable information on these products by ensuring their access to the up-to-date information so they can save their time and money.

At Mawazna.com, we aim to serve our customers (both individuals and SMEs / Corporates) not only for their specific needs but also towards supporting their families & staff members by helping them to take advantage of the best products and services on offer from the leading insurers based on their unique needs and requirements. Our objective is to make your digital experience with us as pleasant as possible and we always welcome your feedback and suggestions. We are available via telephone from Mondays to Fridays during office hours, and you are welcome to contact us through the phone line, chat line, or email in case you need any help related to your insurance needs. 

Leading digital insurance marketplace in Pakistan

We are a leading digital insurance marketplace connecting consumers with the Insurers enabling them to get the best insurance products online with a few clicks.

Consistantly growing user base

Our best in class services has enabled us to be trusted insurance service provider resulting in a continously growing user base giving us an opportunity service repeatedly.

Creating insurance awareness for the digital savvy customers

Ongoing insurance awareness efforts for our customers to help them choosing the right insurane products and getting covered through fit for purpose insurance plans.

Enabling customers to buy online

We offer experience enabling customers to learn, review, select and buying insurance products online at any time, through any device of their choice.

Our Mission

Being a leading enabler for the insurance ecosystem of Pakistan to bring 32 million plus households & businesses under the necessary insurance coverage.

Our Values

Offering completely impartial & unbiased service delivery to our customers enabling them to make well-informed financial decisions.

Our Vision

Providing technology enabled insurance products & services to make insurance more understanable and accessible resulting in a well-protected Pakistan.