What is Pak-Qatar Motor Takaful? 

Pak-Qatar Motor Takaful is comprehensive coverage for private and commercial vehicles against losses incurred through traffic accidents and legal liabilities. It provides coverage against losses due to fire, explosion, accidental means, theft, housebreaking, burglary, strikes, natural calamities, riots, and malicious acts. The additional features of Pak-Qatar Motor Takaful include coverage against third-party liability and terrorism.  

Types of Pak-Qatar Motor Takaful

Pak-Qatar Motor Takaful is available in two types: Private Vehicle Takaful Coverage and Commercial Vehicle Takaful Coverage. 

Coverages offered by Pak Qatar Motol Takaful

You can enjoy the following coverages of Pak-Qatar Motor Takaful: 

- Your vehicle is covered against accidental external means 

- Get protected against burglary or theft

- Damages that occur due to fire explosion, lighting, or frost are covered in the policy 

- It covers damages take place due to natural calamities such as cyclone, typhoon, hurricane, hail, wind, earthquake, and flood  

- The policy provides coverage against damages due to malicious acts, riots, and strikes  

- Transit by air, rail, road, lift or elevator, and the inland waterway  

Exceptions for Pak Qatar Motor Takaful

The following exceptions are present in Pak-Qatar Motor Takaful, which are not covered in the policy: 

- Any accident or damage incurred outside the described geographical area 

- A claim arising out of contractual liability 

- Coverages against damages resulting from nuclear fuel, nuclear waste, radiations, ionizing, and atomic weapons are not offered in the policy 

- Damages arising after variation in termination of your interest in the vehicle are not covered 

- The company does not ensure the violations of limitations described in the policy 

Where to buy Pak-Qatar Motor Takaful?

Mawazna.com is one of the leading digital insurance marketplace and a comparison platform through which you can buy Pak-Qatar Motor Takaful. We offer you a hassle-free online process of purchasing your car insurance policy in Pakistan. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Pak Qatar Motor Takaful

Q: What coverages are offered by Pak-Qatar Motor Takaful? 

Answer: Pak-Qatar Motor Takaful offers you Private Vehicle Takaful Coverage and Commercial Vehicle Takaful Coverage against any risk to your vehicle. It provides coverage against accidental external means, burglary or theft, fire explosion, lightning, frost, and natural calamities.

Q: What rates are charged by Pak-Qatar Motor Takaful? 

Answer: To know about Pak-Qatar Motor Takaful's insurance rates, you can visit Mawazna.com car insurance comparison platform and buy your Pak-Qatar Motor Takaful from there. 

Q: Where can I get insurance for Pak-Qatar Motor Takaful? 

Answer: You can buy your Pak-Qatar Motor Takaful in a hassle-free way through Mawazna.com. 

Q: Where can I compare Pak-Qatar Motor Takaful rates with other Insurance Companies? 

Answer: You can compare the rates of Pak-Qatar Motor Takaful and other car insurance competitors at Mawazna.com. 

Q: How to claim Pak-Qatar Motor Takaful? 

Answer: You can file any claim directly to the Pak-Qatar Motor Takaful by providing your policy number, personal identification, car details, police report, and car damage details to the company. We at Mawazna.com can assist you with claim submissions in a hassle-free way. However, the claims are handled entirely by the Pak-Qatar General Takaful only. 

Q: How to renew Pak-Qatar Motor Takaful? 

Answer: Mawazna.com is the right place for you to renew your Pak-Qatar Motor Takaful. You can get in touch with team Mawazna at least 30 days before your current policy expired. Team Mawazna will help you to get the best available deal for your next year's car insurance. 

Q: Are there any discounts offered for Pak-Qatar Motor Takaful? 

Answer: To know about the discounts offered for Pak-Qatar Motor Takaful, you need to visit Mawazna.com frequently. We keep you updated about all the discount offers when buying your car insurance policy.  

Q: How can I pay the premium to get my car insured by Pak-Qatar General Takaful?

Answer: You can pay the premium of your Pak-Qatar Motor Takaful through bank deposit, online deposit, and through a cheque to the company. 

Q: How can I cancel my policy for Pak-Qatar Motor Takaful? 

Answer: You can cancel the Pak-Qatar Motor Takaful policy by calling the helpline of Pak-Qatar General Takaful.