Understanding Individual Health Insurance 

Individual health insurance is a protection for the individual against hospitalization and surgical expenses. The InsurerInsurer covers these expenses whenever required for your enhanced convenience. Any individual can purchase this insurance, regardless of his age or profession. 

An individual health insurance policy offers you multiple benefits, such as cashless hospitalization at the network hospitals. The policy aims at paying the agreed medical expenses of an individual in case of an emergency. In addition to this, the premium of this policy is affordable, and you can customize it within a specific time. 

Therefore, without any further delays, this is the right time to buy individual health insurance so that your peace of mind is ensured during a medical emergency. You can buy individual health insurance without any hassle through Mawazna.com in Pakistan.   

What is covered in Individual Health Insurance? 

Individual health insurance provides you protection against any medical emergency. The policy provides you with the following coverages: 

  1. Hospitalization expenses up to a specific limit are covered in the policy 
  2. Your medical expenses are covered by individual health insurance for your peace of mind 
  3. The policy provides you coverage for expenses of pre and post-hospitalization, medicines, specialized investigations, ICU room, and operation theatre 
  4. Senior citizens get multiple coverages, including post-discharge care 
  5. Individual health insurance provides you coverage for accidental healthcare expenses 
  6. You can include coverage for expenses of online doctor consultations, critical illnesses, and accidental death, which are optional   

What are the Benefits of Individual Health Insurance? 

The following are the benefits of individual health insurance: 

- Individual health insurance offers you cashless hospitalization at the networked hospitals across the country

- You get comprehensive coverage for healthcare expenses 

- You can customize the plan within a particular timeframe

- As the inflation of healthcare is rising, individual health insurance provides you peace of mind by covering your hospitalization expenses 

- The expenses arising from an unforeseen illness are covered, thus lessening mental and financial stress 

- Being a youngster, you are physically exposed to certain risky situations; therefore, individual health insurance covers your medical expenses  

Why Should You Buy Individual Health Insurance? 

Individual health insurance is a protection that covers your healthcare expenses. As the cost of healthcare is on the rise in Pakistan, and your lifestyle is changing due to certain factors, it is suggested that you should buy individual health insurance to cover your medical expenses. 

The population of the country is rapidly increasing, and so are the diseases. Today, people suffer from multiple illnesses arising from unsafe drinking water, environmental damage, drug abuse, food crisis, sexually transmitted diseases, and inadequate sanitation. Therefore, you need to buy individual health insurance for your enhanced safety if you suffer from any medical condition. 

Who can Buy Individual Health Insurance? 

Individual health insurance is a protection against your healthcare expenses. The policy is designed for a single individual. However, anyone can purchase it, regardless of age or profession.  

Essential Things to Consider before Buying Individual Health Insurance 

When you are looking to buy individual health insurance, you might face multiple challenges. It can become difficult for you to choose a plan that comprehensively suits your needs. Therefore, you should consider the following factors before buying individual health insurance in Pakistan: 

  1. Buy an individual health insurance policy with the maximum insured amount to avoid any monetary risks in the future 
  2. It is vital to go through the inclusions and exclusions of individual health insurance as it helps you in selecting the policy of your choice 
  3. An individual should take a look at the network hospitals of the policy and buy the policy that covers the best hospitals in his area 
  4. One should buy a health insurance policy that provides maximum benefits 

Which is the Best Place to Buy Individual Health Insurance? 

Mawazna.com is the best place to buy individual health insurance in Pakistan. You can compare several health insurance policies of the leading health insurance providers in the country online and select the best policy yourself. 

Follow the steps listed below to buy an individual health insurance plan online through Mawazna.com:

  1. Visit Mawazna.com and click on the 'Health Insurance' product
  2. Provide your age, select the required coverage
  3. Share your city so you can get a list of network hospitals 
  4. Now click on 'View Quotes' to see all the available individual health insurance plans
  5. You can review all plans, their details, compare premiums
  6. Once you select a health insurance plan, Click on Buy Now and provide your details and make an online payment
  7. If you have selected an instant policy; your health insurance policy will be shared through email instantly after making an online payment through mawazna.com 
  8. Alternatively, if you did not select an instant policy at the time of plan selection, your policy shall be shared through email within two business days by the Insurance company. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Individual Health Insurance

Q: What is the eligibility criteria of Individual Health Insurance? 

Answer: Any individual at the age of 18 years can buy Individual Health Insurance. However, the eligibility criteria of the policy variates from company to company. For further details, you can visit Mawazna.com

Q: Can I buy more than one Individual Health Insurance plan?

Answer: Yes, you can buy more than one Individual Health Insurance plan. 

Q: Is my family covered in my Individual Health Insurance? 

Answer: Your family is not covered in your Individual Health Insurance. You can buy an additional health insurance plan for your family members. 

Q: How can I increase the sum insured of my Individual Health Insurance? 

Answer: If you are interested in increasing the sum insured amount of your Individual Health Insurance, you can increase it within a certain period. For this, you have to get in touch with the InsurerInsurer. 

Q: How can I cancel my Individual Health Insurance? 

Answer: You can cancel your Individual Health Insurance by directly calling the InsurerInsurer. 

Q: Will I get my Individual Health Insurance coverage from day one?

Answer: You get the coverages of your Individual Health Insurance after completion of the waiting period.  

Q: How can I renew my Individual Health Insurance?

Answer: You can renew your Individual Health Insurance in a hassle-free way through Mawazna.com