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This car finance product from Bank AL Habib is set up to offer customers the chance to make affordable payments towards owning their dream car. The competitive rates and easy repayment plans make it a simple product that is easy to manage. Bank Al Habib Car Finance is based on simplicity while ensuring that customers have access to the right car for them based on their budget and levels of affordability.

Features and Benefits

Customers will benefit from having access to free accident insurance and financing that can be used against new, used and imported cars. The down payment they make depends on the type of vehicle that they purchase with used and imported cars requiring more. There is a large amount of financing available on new cars and the figure is less for used and imported cars while the repayments can be made over a period of 1 to 5 years, offering simple monthly instalments.

If borrowers want to make prepayments then there is no penalty for doing so and partial payments are allowed with no charges. Borrowers will also have the option of using a number of reputable insurance companies that offer insurance at competitive rates. The application process is quick and efficient with minimal documentation making everything as simple as possible.


In comparison to other lenders, the eligibility criteria are slightly more relaxed with borrowers being of Pakistani nationality. They can also be the account holder of any bank while the product is available for salaried individuals, businessmen or self-employed individuals.