Allied Bank was originally known as Australasia Bank before independence in 1942 before being changed to Allied Bank of Pakistan in 1974. In 2005 the bank was renamed to Allied Bank Limited.

It has an extensive history of more than 75 years, turning it into a recognized bank throughout Pakistan. It offers universal banking services, 1250 branches, and products that are designed to give customers an enhanced lifestyle.

The Allied Visa Credit Card is designed to give users access to a wide range of features including the ability to spend at over 1 million ATM’s internationally. Users will benefit from a secure card that comes with a competitive service charge while users can also make use of the buy now, pay later option. It is a flexible card that has a lot of benefits.

The Visa Platinum Credit Card gives users exceptional features and ensures that they can take advantage of airport lounges throughout the world. Again, this is a card that comes with exceptional rates and the ability to use around the world when required.

Both cards offer discounts at many retail stores, restaurants and other industries throughout Pakistan.

There are a number of savings and deposit accounts available at Allied Bank that is designed to give savers the chance to make their money work hard for them.

Allied Bank Advance Profit Plus Payment – This is perfect for those individuals who want to bank for the first time but also parents who wish to plan for the future of their children. The high profit available makes it possible for all to take advantage of good returns, regardless of whether they are a business, a parent or an institution.

Allied Bank Term Plus Deposits – This is an account that rewards savers for putting their money away for a fixed period of time. The account does require a minimum balance but once savers lock their money away they can determine the profit they earn based on how long it is saved for. They can save their money for up to ten years with profit being paid on maturity.

Allied Bank Foreign Currency Term Deposit – An account that is perfect for those who have a need to open an account in a number of currencies including Euro, GBP, and the US Dollar. The profit paid on all savings depends on the amount that is saved as well as the length of time that it is saved for which ranges from 3 to 12 months.

Allied Bank Platinum Rewarding Profit Account – This is for those savers who have high balances and want to earn a significant profit on those balances. The more money that savers have, the more profit they will earn with the profit being payable on a monthly basis.

Allied Bank PLS Savings Account – This account provides a steady profit rate while enabling savers to benefit from all the features of a checking account. Cash withdrawals and deposits are free within the city while there are charges for transactions made outside of the city. Account holders will receive a cheque book and there is no joining fee for the issuance of a debit card.

This loan facility enables borrowers to own their dream car without having to wait and save up the money required to make the purchase. This flexible product is designed to make owning a vehicle affordable and with the ability to borrow up to 80% of the value of the vehicle, it is a product that offers a lot. The loan can be set up quickly and with a competitive mark-up rate and repayment periods of between 1 and 7 years, it gives borrowers the freedom to make owning a car as affordable as they can.