Family Health Insurance at a Glance 

Family health insurance is protection designed to cover the health care expenses for you and your family. This single premium health insurance policy covers the hospitalization expenses for you, your children, and your spouse. The policy aims to offer cashless payment in a hospital so that you do not have to worry about arranging the cash beforehand or at the time of dealing with medical emergency situations. 

Amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, securing the health of your family is extremely important. You do not want to face any problems when dealing healthcare of your family. A family health insurance plan offers you coverage for Covid-19 medical treatment, thus ensuring your peace of mind. 

You can customize your family health insurance policy according to your requirements. The policy has multiple benefits for you and your family, which is the right time to buy it. 

What are the Benefits of Family Health Insurance?

Your family health insurance policy offers coverage against your family's emergency hospitalization and medical expenses, resulting in increased peace of mind when dealing with emergencies. You can get the following benefits in the policy: 

  1. Family health insurance provides coverage of hospitalization expenses for you and each of your family members. In this way, you do not have to pay for individual health insurance and each of your family members  
  2. You can modify your family health insurance plan anytime by including a new family member. An individual health insurance policy does not offer this benefit 
  3. When you are buying family health insurance, you are not required to pay individual premiums for all the members that save you a lot of money 
  4. Family health insurance offers you coverage against the Covid-19 pandemic 
  5. If you are buying family health insurance, you can avail discounts and additional benefits 

Standard Exclusions of a Family Health Insurance Plan 

A family health insurance policy covers the medical expenses for you and your family members. The policy is designed to provide you with maximum benefits. However, when you are buying family health insurance, you are advised to read the policy carefully as there are several key exclusions in it. 

The expenses of the following treatments are not covered in your family health insurance: 

- The expenses of routine medical check-ups and OPD treatments are not covered 

- The policy does not cover expenses arising due to plastic surgeries or any aesthetic treatment 

- The expenses incurred on a treatment that was taken overseas unless included in the policy are not covered

- Family health insurance does not provide you coverage for expenses arising due to unethical activities, malicious acts, war, nuclear reaction, foreign invasion, rebellion, and similar situations 

- Your maternity cover is optional  

Key Factors to Consider Before Buying Family Health Insurance 

You need to consider the following key points before buying family health insurance: 

  1. When you are buying your family health insurance, making a list of coverages to have in the policy is vital to review the policy offering against your needs. You need to carefully mention the age and number of your family members to get a comprehensive family health insurance plan. 
  2. To make the hospitalization process hassle-free, you need to invest in a family health insurance plan covering the best hospitals in your area. 
  3. For maximum protection of your family, you should choose the family health insurance policy that offers a lifelong renewal facility. 
  4. Before you purchase a family health insurance policy, it is crucial to understand the company's claim settlement process. It is recommended to buy such a policy that offers a hassle-free claim settlement process.  

Should You Buy Family Health Insurance or Individual Health Insurance? 

A family health insurance policy aims at protecting and your family in case of any medical emergency. You get coverage of hospitalization expenses for hassle-free medical treatment in the policy. This policy covers you and your entire family for a single premium. 

Individual health insurance, on the other hand, exclusively protects an individual who is buying it. This policy does not cover the medical expenses of your family. Therefore, you need to buy family health insurance if you are married to save the maximum of your money. In case you are single, an individual health insurance policy is best for you. 

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