Askari Bank was first formed in 1991 and began trading in 1992. The bank has grown considerably over the past 26 years and has invested in technology and providing customers with an exceptional banking experience from savings to loans as well as a wide range of other products.

The Askari Bachat account has been created to provide savers with a feasible investment opportunity where they can invest money for a fixed period of time. This provides savers with the chance to earn a profit on their savings while also having control over their money. Money can be fixed away for anything from 1 to 2 years.

The Askari One Year Term Deposit enables savers to invest their money for a fixed period of one year with a high-interest amount paid on all savings. Profit is paid when the account matures but it offers savers the chance to lock their money away and benefit at the same time.

Their current deposit account requires a minimum amount to open it but there is no minimum balance requirement, users will be given a visa debit card and access to online banking.

The Basic Banking Account is the perfect account for students, pensioners and those individuals with low incomes. A minimum deposit is required while users can make two over the counter transactions each month as well as two free cheque withdrawals each month. Users can make unlimited withdrawals each month while they will not be expected to make any maintenance payments.

This product provides borrowers with an accessible way to purchase and own their own vehicle. The loan will permit them to purchase new, used and imported vehicles, giving them the chance to own their dream vehicle. Borrowers will be required to pay some equity towards the vehicle depending on what vehicle they choose but with competitive rates and flexible payment terms, it makes it possible for individuals to own their own vehicle in an affordable way.

This flexible home loan product is designed to give borrowers the chance to own their own home through a wide range of options. It is a product that gives borrowers the opportunity to take control of the way in which they fund their own home and how they create it. Using this product they can build their own home, using the loan to cover the cost of construction or they can choose to purchase their own home that is already constructed. Should borrowers already live in their own property, they can use the loan to carry out renovation work or they could even use it to purchase a plot and build their own home. It offers borrowers the chance to spread the cost over 25 years and it offers competitive rates.

The Askari Mastercard credit card comes with four different options, each of which is designed to offer a finance solution for users. This includes the Classic, Gold, Platinum and Corporate Card. Users are provided with competitive rates and a huge array of benefits such as discounts at retail outlets in Pakistan and across Europe as well as access to discounts at car rental services. They can also benefit from spreading payments across longer-term purchases with certain manufacturers while users can also have access to Airport Lounges in Pakistan and throughout the world.

The Askari World Mastercard Credit Card offers users an exceptional level of convenience, privileges, and control over how they use the card as well as a wide range of benefits. Users can experience upgrades, offers, deal and access to enhanced international travel.

The personal loan is designed to give borrowers access to funds that allow them to make those special, all-important purchases when required. It comes with a wide range of features such as the amount that can be borrowed, the period over which it is paid back and control over the monthly installments while the rates are extremely competitive.