About Adamjee Travel Insurance 

Adamjee travel insurance is offered as ‘Go Secure’ that includes multiple plans to protect the insured during travelling. These plans are designed according to the diversified demands of any trip so that you can enjoy traveling without any hassles. The available plans include International Plan, Student Plan, Hajj, Umrah and Ziarat Plan, and Domestic Plan. If you are planning to travel anywhere in the world for any purpose, you can instantly buy the travel insurance plans of Adamjee travel insurance through Mawazna.com. You have to visit the website and purchase the plan even from the comfort of your home. 

Plans Offered Under Adamjee Travel Insurance 

The following plans are offered under Adamjee Travel Insurance: 

1- International Travel Insurance Plan 

This plan is exclusively designed to cover various risks related to travel to any country, including Schengen states. You can buy this plan for yourself and your family (spouse aged up to 65 years and children below age 18 years). The plans range based on different coverage limits including Elite, Bliss, Delight, and Basic Care. 

2- Student Plan 

Student plan by Adamjee travel insurance provides multiple benefits to students during their study trip abroad. It covers hospitalization expenses up to a specific limit, and the Tuition Fee Cover’ is optional. Any student aged between 16 to 45 years can purchase this plan. 

3- Hajj, Umrah, and Ziarat Plan 

Get your religious trips safe and secure through Adamjee’s Hajj, Umrah, and Ziarat plan. The plan includes maximum coverage of 60 days for you and your family (spouse aged up to 65 years and children below 18 years). 

4- Domestic Plan            

Get the risks of domestic travel covered under Adamjee’s Domestic travel insurance plan. The plan provides coverage for a maximum of 30 days for you and your family (spouse and 04 children). The plan is available for anyone wishing to travel within Pakistan aged between 06 months and 65 years. 

Benefits of Adamjee Travel Insurance 

Adamjee travel insurance offers multiple benefits to its holders. The following are the benefits of this travel insurance: 

- Get emergency medical expenses covered arising due to accident and sickness 

- Costs of emergency medical evacuation of the insured resulting from injury or an illness during the trip are covered 

- Avail the coverage of up to US$100 per day for the stay or travel of a close relative when the insured is in hospital for over seven consecutive days 

- Get coverage for the expenses of repatriation of mortal remains of the insured 

- Expenses arising due to return of dependent children, delivery of medicines, and common carrier are covered 

- Get emergency dental care expenses covered in your plan 

- Avail coverage for accidental death and permanent total disablement 

- Get checked-in baggage loss and baggage delay, flight delay, passport loss, and credit card loss coverage

- Avail coverage for trip cancellation, curtailment, and personal liability  

Key Exclusions of Adamjee Travel Insurance 

The following are the key exclusions of Adamjee travel insurance: 

- No coverage for any pre-existing medical condition, a hereditary condition, congenital, and cancer 

- Claims made outside geographical coverage and before and after the plan are not addressed 

- Traveling against the advice of a physician or taking part in any military-related operation 

- No coverage for self-inflicted injury such as suicide, attempted suicide, drunkenness, and abuse of drugs 

- Claims arising out of participation in harmful sports, anxiety, stress, mental disorder, depression, HIV AIDS, war, invasion, civil commotion, terrorism, nuclear fuel, and radioactivity are not included 

- Expenses arising due to sexually transmitted diseases, any condition resulting from pregnancy, abortion, miscarriage, infertility, birth control, surgical procedures, and pre and post-natal care are excluded 

How to Buy Adamjee Travel Insurance? 

You can buy Adamjee travel insurance in a hassle-free way through Mawazna.com in Pakistan. Mawazna.com is one of the largest digital insurance marketplaces in the country, where you can compare the travel insurance plans of all the major insurers. Visit Mawazna.com, click the travel insurance product, and provide your travel details to see all the available travel insurance plans from Adamjee insurance. You can easily compare and review these plans and once you select a travel insurance plan, click the buy now button to purchase it online instantly through Mawazna.com. 

Adamjee Travel Insurance – FAQs  

Q: How much does my Adamjee travel insurance cost? 

Answer: There are various plans available with different premiums, and the cost depends upon where you are traveling, for how long, coverage limits, and your age. You can review the cost of Adamjee travel insurance plans at Mawazna.com

Q: Can I buy Adamjee travel insurance after starting my trip? 

Answer: No. You cannot buy your Adamjee travel insurance once your trip has begun. It is recommended that you should purchase travel insurance through Mawazna.com before starting your journey. 

Q: How do I choose an Adamjee travel insurance plan? 

Answer: You need to select an Adamjee travel insurance plan that perfectly addresses your traveling requirements. You can compare all the plans of Adamjee travel insurance at Mawazna.com and choose the best plan yourself. 

Q: Does Adamjee travel insurance cover any pre-existing diseases? 

Answer: The plans offered under Adamjee travel insurance do not cover any pre-existing medical conditions. 

Q: How long will it take to receive my Adamjee travel insurance policy? 

Answer: If you purchase your Adamjee travel insurance policy online through Mawazna.com, you can receive its soft copy instantly.