Dubai Islamic Bank began life in 2006 as the world’s first Islamic Bank. Throughout the years it has grown across the country and become the bank that it is today. It offers innovative products that are designed to change lives in many different ways.

Auto Finance from Dubai Islamic Bank is designed to give borrowers the chance to obtain the vehicle of their dreams quickly and conveniently. It offers low, competitive Takaful rates and a monthly rental price that is affordable and transparent. It offers a maximum and minimum finance amount based on the circumstances of the borrower, while payments can be spread over as much as 7 years. Borrowers can use the finance to purchase a new vehicle, a used vehicle up to 9 years old or an imported vehicle.

The personal finance loan from Dubai Islamic Bank is designed to help people cover the costs of things such as education, marriage, medical expenses, and even credit card loans. It is the ideal product that can be used to deal with those expensive times in our lives. Borrowers can spread the costs over as much as 7 years and depending on their circumstances there is a maximum that can be borrowed. The monthly installments are competitive and flexible, while the processing time is efficient.

Once you open an account with Dubai Islamic Bank, you will be given a Visa Debit Card. This provides you with the ability to make purchases at millions of locations across the globe and in Pakistan. It provides a convenient way to spend money without having to carry cash around although it does offer a cash withdrawal feature and a zero loss liability feature. It is the ideal card that gives users complete control and freedom over how and when they spend.

The great thing about the home loan is that it is the ideal product for those who are looking to purchase their own home, renovate a current property, purchase a share of a property mortgaged by another bank and cover construction costs. Borrowers will be able to benefit from an exceptional processing time that ensures they receive the funds as quickly as possible. The loan can be spread over 20 years, ensuring that borrowers have a clear indication of what their repayments will be. Borrowers will be able to finance as much as 70% of the value of their property, making it possible for more people to create their dream home.

An account that is perfect for those who want to earn high profits on their savings. All profits are calculated on a daily basis and paid on a monthly basis, providing savers with a regular income from profits alone. This is the perfect account for those who have a high net worth.

For those who need to carry out frequent transactions, this is the right account for them. It is perfect for businessmen and salaried individuals as it provides them with the right level of access. It is available in a number of currencies with savers being able to make an unlimited number of deposits or withdrawals. There is no balance restriction and there are no transaction charges.

This account is aimed at providing savers with the chance to save their money over short and long terms. Savers will experience a good return on their investment and they will have the chance to fix it for a number of different periods ranging from months to years. All profit can be paid either monthly, quarterly or annually.