An Overview of UIC Health Insurance  

UIC Health Insurance offers a health insurance plan called Family Health Secure, protecting you and your family healthcare. You can avail the benefits of cashless hospitalization in more than 100 hospitals across Pakistan. UIC health insurance offers three categories of plans, including Jasmine, Tulip, and Rose. You can secure the in-patient hospitalization benefits of UIC Health Insurance by purchasing any of its plans through in a hassle-free manner. 

Benefits of UIC Health Insurance

The following are the benefits of UIC Health Insurance:   

  1. In-patient Hospitalization: get coverage for surgical fees, in-hospital consultations, operation theatre charges, anesthetist's fees, diagnostic investigations, prescribed medicines during hospitalization, blood and oxygen supplies, ventilator charges, chemotherapy, kidney dialysis, cancer radiotherapy, and allied services charges.

  2. Daycare Treatment: get the expenses arising due to daycare treatment covered by your UIC Health Insurance 

  3. Specialized Investigations: avail the coverage for five expensive diagnostic tests, which are CT Scan, MRI, Thallium Scan, Angiographies, and Mammography without any condition of hospitalization 

  4. Pre and Post Hospitalization: get 30 days of pre and post-hospitalization coverage for your peace of mind. In addition to this, the plan covers the cost of consultants in the follow-up visits, lab tests, medicines, and supplies 

  5. Ambulance Services: avail coverage for ambulance services 

  6. Accidental Out-Patient Coverage: any medical emergency treatment expenses of an accident within 48 hours of its occurrence are covered 

Key Exclusions of UIC Health Insurance

The key exclusions of UIC Health Insurance are the following:  

- Expenses for treatment of pre-existing conditions such as illness, injury, or any medical conditions are not covered 

- No coverage for congenital disorders, pregnancy, childbirth, mental or nervous disorder, psychiatric treatment, cosmetic treatment, and aesthetic treatment 

- Drugs and alcohol abuses are not covered 

- UIC Health Insurance does not cover expenses of a room that is not offered in the plan 

How to Buy Your UIC Health Insurance?  

UIC Health Insurance can easily be purchased through Here, you can compare all the offered plans by UIC Health Insurance and buy the plan of your choice online without any hassles. 

Visit our website, provide the required information, select the coverage type, and compare the health insurance plans. Once you choose a plan for yourself, you can click the 'Buy Now' option and purchase it through from anywhere living in Pakistan. 

Who Can Buy UIC Health Insurance?  

UIC Health Insurance can be purchased for any Pakistani citizen age from 03 months up to 64 years. 

Frequently Asked Questions about UIC Health Insurance

Q: For whom can I buy UIC Health Insurance?  

Answer: You can buy UIC Health Insurance for yourself, your spouse, children, and parents. Visit today and buy your health insurance policy quickly. 

Q: When will the coverage of my UIC Health Insurance be commenced?  

Answer: Your UIC Health Insurance starts from the day the Insurer accepts your request to buy health insurance after the premium payment and issues the policy.  

Q: How can I renew my UIC Health Insurance?  

Answer: You can get in touch with Team Mawazna or visit to renews your UIC Health Insurance for your enhanced convenience. 

Q: Are there any pre-medical check-ups require for UIC Health Insurance?  

Answer: If you are aged above 40 years, then the Insurer may require a pre-medical check-up before issuing Health Insurance. In addition to this, the Insurer can ask anyone about pre-medical check-ups irrespective of age. 

Q: How can I pay the premium of my UIC Health Insurance?  

Answer: You can pay the premium of your UIC Health Insurance through in a hassle-free way online, bank transfer. 

Q: How can I cancel my UIC Health Insurance? 

Answer: You can call your Insurer for the cancellation of UIC Health Insurance.