What is TPL Travel Insurance? 

TPL travel insurance or TPL Travel Direct is comprehensive insurance for your trip anywhere in the world. The policy offers multiple coverages, including hospitalization coverage and medical emergency coverage. You can buy any of the five plans (Hajj and Umrah, Domestic, International ViaCare, Student Guard, Ziarat) offered under TPL travel insurance.  

Mawazna.com issues TPL travel insurance plans in a hassle-free way to customers in Pakistan. 

Plans of TPL Travel Insurance

The following are the plans of TPL travel insurance: 

  1. Hajj and Umrah: make your traveling for Hajj and Umrah safe through the travel insurance plan 
  2. Domestic: cover major domestic travel-related risks covered under this plan  
  3. International ViaCare: get a wide range of coverages such as unexpected injuries, flight delays, hijacking, emergency return to home, and baggage loss by this plan when travelling abroad 
  4. Student Guard: make your traveling and stay for study purposes safe under the travel insurance plan 
  5. Ziarat: avail multiple benefits during traveling for Ziarat purposes through this comprehensive travel insurance plan 

Coverages offered by TPL Travel Insurance 

TPL travel insurance plans offer the following coverages: 

  1. Medical Benefits: avail coverage for medical expenses including OPD, emergency evacuation, emergency dental care, repatriation of mortal remains, return of dependent children, delivery of medicines, permanent total disability, accidental death, and emergency return home of the insured 
  2. Losses: get coverage for loss of checked-in baggage, passport, baggage delay, trip cancellation, and flight delay 
  3. Emergencies: get coverage for travel of an immediate family member, kidnapping and ransom, hijacking, personal liabilities, and assistance services 

Value-Added Services under TPL Travel Insurance 

TPL travel insurance offers multiple additional services (optional services) to buy according to his traveling requirements. The following are the additions services: 

- Avail coverage for delivery of essential medicines, arrangement of return of the minor child, lost travel documents assistance, and legal referral 

- Get coverage for the arrangement for hospital admission and arrangement of bail bond

- Avail coverage for the arrangement of emergency medical evacuation, lost passport assistance, and arrangement of compassionate visit 

Where to Buy your TPL Travel Insurance? 

Mawazna.com is a reliable and safe digital insurance marketplace through which you can instantly purchase your TPL travel insurance. All of the plans mentioned above of TPL travel insurance are available at Mawazna.com, and you can compare and review these plans without any hassles. 

You need to follow the following steps to buy TPL travel insurance online through Mawazna.com: 

  1. Visit Mawazna.com and click the ‘Travel Insurance’ link 
  2. Provide your travel details and click the ‘View Quotes’ button, you can compare all plans now
  3. Click ‘More Info’ to review the listed travel insurance plans 
  4. Once you select a specific TPL Travel insurance plan, click the ‘Buy Now’ button and make an online payment to get your policy issued and sent through email

TPL Travel Insurance – FAQs 

Q: Why should I buy TPL travel insurance? 

Answer: TPL travel insurance is comprehensive travel insurance covering the major risks related to traveling anywhere in the world. You can avail yourself of multiple benefits while buying TPL travel insurance before taking any trip. 

Q: How to safely pay the cost of TPL travel insurance? 

Answer: Mawazna.com offers you the opportunity to safely purchase any TPL travel insurance plan through its online channel. You can review the available plans comprehensively and purchase the plan of your choice instantly. 

Q: Is it essential for me to buy TPL travel insurance for domestic travel? 

Answer: TPL travel insurance covers major risks of domestic traveling to ensure that you reach your destination safely. 

Q: Which is the best way to buy TPL travel insurance? 

Answer: You can buy TPL travel insurance through Mawazna.com even from the comfort of your home. You need to visit Mawazna.com and pay the premium of your plan online for a hassle-free purchase.