What is Pak-Qatar Family Sehat Takaful? 

Pak-Qatar Family Sehat Takaful is healthcare protection that aims at providing you cashless hospitalization and other multiple benefits in case of a medical emergency. The health Takaful covers your healthcare expenses, including hospitalization cost, laboratory test cost, medical outlay, and critical illness (optional). You can buy Pak-Qatar Family Sehat Takaful for yourself, spouse, children, and parents in a hassle-free way through Mawazna.com in Pakistan. 

Benefits Offered by Pak-Qatar Family Sehat Takaful

The following are the benefits you get through Pak-Qatar Family Sehat Takaful: 

  1. Get cashless hospitalization in over 200 on-panel hospitals across the country 
  2. Avail hospital care benefits, including hospitalization or in-patient treatment, daycare procedures, accidental emergency treatment, and specialized investigative procedures 
  3. Get complimentary services such as day-to-day healthcare expenses coverage that covers the cost of everything from general consultations to specialist outpatient treatment 
  4. Have the use of payment of a lump-sum amount in case of death of an insured 
  5. Avail of the benefits of discounts on lab tests and consultations in more than 350 medical centers throughout the country
  6. Get treatment at a non-panel hospital under Individual Pak-Qatar Family Sehat Takaful

Optional Benefits

You can add coverage of critical illnesses in your Pak-Qatar Family Sehat Takaful by paying the additional amount. 

Pre-existing Conditions Covered

The Family Sehat Takaful offers coverage for the following pre-existing conditions: 

Any injury, pre-existing disease, illness, or any medical condition or symptom for which medication, treatment, advice, or diagnosis is received or was predictable before the issuance of the membership commencement date. 

However, the pre-existing conditions coverage starts from the 91st day of commencement of the health Takaful. Your 20% expenses of pre-existing medical conditions will be covered in the first year and 100% in the sixth year based on the continuous renewal of Pak-Qatar Family Sehat Takaful. 

Major Exclusions of Pak-Qatar Family Sehat Takaful 

The coverage for the following expenses are excluded in your Family Sehat Takaful: 

- Routine check-up, sterilization, non-medical hospital expenses, experimental treatments, elective overseas treatments, and cost of hospital negligence 

- Costs arising due to self-inflicted injuries, participation in dangerous sports, and criminal activities 

- External implants, HIV, infertility, cosmetic surgeries, congenital illnesses, and other STDs 

Where to Buy Pak-Qatar Family Sehat Takaful? 

Mawazna.com is Pakistan's leading digital insurance comparison platform through which you can easily buy Pak-Qatar Family Sehat Takaful. The platform offers you the opportunity to compare and review your health insurance policies in a hassle-free way. The health insurance plans of all the major insurance companies in the country are available on its platform. 

You can select your healthcare plan quickly and buy it online through Mawazna.com based on the information you provided. You need to visit its website, provide the required information, select the coverage type, view quotes, compare the health insurance or Takaful products, and quickly buy the plan of your choice. 

Who can Buy Pak-Qatar Family Sehat Takaful? 

Any Pakistani citizen can buy Pak-Qatar Family Sehat Takaful for himself, spouse, children, and parents. However, the following age limits are applied in the health Takaful: 

a. For children: the age limit is 91 days to 25 years 

b. For adults: the age limit is 18 years to 59 years 

Frequently Asked Questions about Pak-Qatar Family Sehat Takaful

Q: What is family health Takaful? 

Answer: Family health Takaful is Sharia-compliant health insurance (Health Takaful) that aims to cover the insured's medical expenses up to a specific limit. 

Q: Why is Pak-Qatar Family Sehat Takaful important? 

Answer: If you are looking for a Sharia-compliant plan, Pak-Qatar Family Sehat Takaful is essential to cover the hospitalization expenses of the insured up to a defined limit. You can buy it without any hassle through Mawazna.com

Q: From where to get assistance for my Pak-Qatar Family Sehat Takaful? 

Answer: Mawazna.com comprehensively guides you for your Pak-Qatar Family Sehat Takaful. You need to provide the required information and buy it online quickly through us. 

Q: How to renew my Pak-Qatar Family Sehat Takaful? 

Answer: You can renew your Pak-Qatar Family Sehat Takaful without any hassles through Mawazna.com

Q: How can I cancel my Pak-Qatar Family Sehat Takaful? 

Answer: You can cancel your Pak-Qatar Family Sehat Takaful through the insurer.