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Personal Health Insurance

Get the health insurance coverage for an individual that pays for the agreed medical expenses in case of any emergency medical treatments and hospitalization.

Family Health Insurance

Family health insurance covearge protects you and your family from unforseen health care related expenses arising from emergency medical treatments and hospitaliation.

Get Hospitalization Coverage

Health insurance protects you against any unforseen healthcare related expenses incured i.e. from hospitalization for up-to PKR 5000,000 based on your selected plan.

Get Critical Illness Coverage

Live a life free of risk of paying heavy amounts against any unforseen critical illness related medical expenses such as Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke, Paralysis or Kidney Failure etc.

Conventional & Takaful Plans

Select a health insurance plan matching with your needs either a conventional health insurance plan or islamic health insurance / Takaful plan.

Countrywide Panel Hospital Network

Avail best healthcare services from country-wide panel hospital network including Pakistan's leading hospitals to help you with emergency medical treatments.

Make Cashless Payments in Hospitals

Get seamless health care services at no cost and make cashless payments in network hospitals by showing your Health insurance card.

Get Annual Coverage

Get your whole year covered for yourself and your family with health insurance by paying an annual premium only.

Buy Online

Choose a health insurance plan at Mawazna.com matching with your medical care and budget needs and pay online to get your plan issued as soon as possible.

What Is Health Insurance?

Health Insurance is a type of insurance coverage provided by most of the insurance companies, that offers you a facility of paying any of your unexpected medical, hospitalisation or medical surgery-related costs under an agreement of an insurance policy. You will be reimbursed all the medical related costs incurred from general injuries, hospitalisation or any other special treatments covered under your health insurance policy. You can individually buy a health insurance policy to cover yourself and your immediate family, in case if it is not provided by your employer.

What Type Of Health Insurance Plans Are Available In Pakistan?

Most of the Pakistani insurance companies provide Hospitalization cover plans however some of the leading insurance companies also offer a separate 'Critical Illness' plan that provides coverage for the following critical illnesses:

  • Heart Attacks and Open Bypass Surgeries
  • Cancer Treatments
  • Stroke and Paralysis
  • Organ Failures and Transplants such as Kidney

Why Health Insurance Is Important?

Health is the most valuable gift from the nature to the mankind. But, this precious gift from the nature is in jeopardy owing to the technological advancements, climatic and man-made catastrophes, and the ever-increasing financial expenses to cover the basic needs. To protect your health against all these odds, you need health insurance. In todays scenario, insurance is no more an extra expense or a luxury expense, it is a need, which needs to be meet to secure your future life.

Health insurance gives you a coverage against all possible risks that includes hospital/surgical and miscellaneous expenses. Further, In-hospital consultation expense coverage. From maternity coverage to the child health insurance added with the family comprehensive coverage plan. Health insurance cater all your needs from all possible angle so that you can enjoy care free future with your family without any tension of financial support or something else.

Key Benefits Of Having Health Insurance

There are many benefits of taking out Health Insurance in Pakistan. You can avoid paying heavy medical costs, long waiting list times and get treated for your illness a lot quicker at your convenience from the leading hospitals. You will also be able to select your own preferred hospital and consultant and be able to recover in your own private room (if required) without paying the heavy unexpected fees from your own pocket. You will be given the opportunity to select an individual, couple or family Health Insurance cover. In general, the benefits that you will receive from your Health Insurance plan will depend upon the level of cover that you have selected. Another advantage of having your own Health Insurance cover is that faster and quicker appointments can easily be arranged from a large number of approved Network of medical centers and hospitals in your city. Health insurance may also provide you coverages for the critical illness such as heart disease, stroke or cancer treatment etc. For the details of all the benefits, use our health insurance comparison product and buy a plan at your convenience with the help of our team.

Key Consideration When Buying A Health Insurance Plan

There are certain factors which may impact the cost of your Health Insurance policy. Your current health and medical history is an important factor for potential insurers. They will need to know this vital information whilst taking out the Health Insurance policy. Your age will also be considered and whether you are a smoker or a non-smoker. Usually, elder policyholders are more likely to make Health Insurance claims than the younger policyholders. The level of excess that you have set up on your policy will also need to be taken into consideration. Any existing medical conditions will be taken into consideration by the Health Insurance provider in order to calculate your premium. However, Mawazna presents your approved plans and packages with fixed premiums offered by leading insurance providers in Pakistan and our team can help you to get your policy smoothly and quickly.

Role Of Your Personal Information In Buying Health Insurance

Health Insurance is also known as Private Medical Insurance. It will help you to cover the costs of private medical care for you or your family in Pakistan and enables you to receive the treatment quickly as and when required. At Mawazna, we can help you with comparing health insurance quotes suitable to meet your needs and requirements available from leading Insurance Providers of Pakistan. Your personal information plays a critical role in buying a health insurance policy. It is very important that accurate information is provided on your behalf whilst taking out the Health Insurance as any incorrect personal information may invalidate your policy in the event of a claim. As with any type of insurance cover, you will need to check what level of coverage is provided through the terms & conditions and your policy statement. In general, the more coverage that you select then naturally the more expensive your premium is likely to be. At Mawazna.com we can help you to compare Health Insurance quotes from leading Health Insurance providers in Pakistan.

What Is Not Covered In My Health Insurance Plan?

Whilst taking out the Health Insurance plan, the insurance company will need to know if you suffer from any current illnesses so that they can assess your current medical situation and give you the right cover which is needed. Usually, companies do not provide cover in case of any existing critical illness and treatment. In addition, the following treatments are also not covered by regular health insurance plans:

  • Cosmetic surgeries treatments for infertility such as IVF
  • Sun glasses
  • Surgeries required to treat weight loss
  • Long-term disability care

You will need to check with your existing Health Insurance provider of what illnesses are not covered. This will be mentioned in more detail in the terms and conditions section of the policy document. Therefore we strongly suggest reviewing your policy papers thoroughly when buying a health insurance plan.

How To Reimburse The Medical Expenses For My Health Insurance?

When illness or injury occurs, the cost of putting things right can spiral out of control, however, that is where health insurance proves to be extremely important. Of course, covering the cost of treatment is covered by health insurance but you will need to manage you claim back any of these costs. To cover costs you have two options.

The first option is to use your health insurance at an approved hospital where you will not be billed and instead you will receive the treatment via a cash-free transaction through the use of an insurance card.

If this is not possible then the second option is to pay for the treatment yourself and then claim the expenses by submitting the relevant receipts should your insurance company allow you to. Therefore, it is important that you keep all receipts and submit them in an orderly way so that it makes your claim even easier.