Jubilee Car Insurance is designed to provide customers with the cover they need depending on their budget, their needs and the vehicle that they own. Therefore, they offer a wide range of products including both Takaful and conventional, ensuring that they adhere to the needs of all. Their products are designed to make insuring a vehicle, simple, efficient and cost-effective.

Jubilee Private Car Comprehensive Insurance

Private Care Comprehensive Insurance from Jubilee is designed to provide customers with a comprehensive level of cover for their vehicle. This product offers a minimum rate of 2.5% net of insured estimated value and this is an in-depth product that covers a wide range of potential issues when it comes to owning a car.

It provides cover loss in case of damage from fire, accidents, weather and natural disasters. Along with this, it also covers third party liability including death and injury as well as covering medical expenses for the insured individual.

The product can be taken out on a vehicle of up to 5 years old with a maximum sum insured of 4 million.

Jubilee Old Car Comprehensive Insurance

This is a level of insurance that is specifically designed for those vehicles that are over five years old. It is a product that is ideal for those who own an older vehicle yet still want to ensure that they are fully covered.

Vehicles that fall under this cover are protected by damage caused by accident, fire, theft, malicious act and even natural disasters. Should a third party become injured or die, then cover is in place while damage to property is also included.

Individuals also benefit from cover that includes the cost of medical expenses. This cover comes with a net premium of 2.25% while the vehicle must be older than five years to qualify. The maximum sum insured is 1.75 million.

Jubilee 3T Old Car Insurance

This is a product that is designed to cover those vehicles that are not just over five years old but also have features that only the owner is aware of. Therefore, this is more of a specialist cover that has a premium rate of 1.25%net of insurance estimated value.

Vehicles will be covered for a total loss that is caused by accident, fire, terrorism, weather and natural disasters. As well as this, the vehicle is covered should it be stolen or snatched.

The cover also includes third-party liability and so, it covers death and injury to a third party as well as damage to property. This insurance can only be taken out for vehicles over five years old while there is a maximum sum insured of 1.75 million.

Jubilee Private Cars 3rd Party Liability Insurance

This level of cover is required by law as a minimum but it is also designed to protect drivers should they cause damage to third party property or cause injury or death to an individual. Therefore, the terms are slightly different and so, the car can be as old as 30 years with a maximum engine size of 4000cc.

If you are looking for car insurance from Jubilee Car Insurance then it is vital that you ensure that you not only have the right cover but you also find cover that works for you. At Mawazna.com, we not only give you the ability to compare prices and cover from many different providers but we also give you use of a Jubilee Car Insurance calculator that will enable you to make sure that you really do make an informed decision.