About UIC Travel Insurance 

UIC is a growing insurance company in Pakistan. UIC travel insurance offers financial and medical assistance to the insured during traveling. The United Insurance Company Pakistan Limited offers its travel insurance policy that provides multiple coverages, including Covid-19 compensations to the insured. You should buy a travel insurance policy to get all the travel-related risks covered before you travel abroad.  

UIC travel insurance offers travel plans with a maximum hospitalization coverage of US$50,000 for Schengen countries, the rest of the world (excluding Canada, the USA, and Australia) worldwide, and travel insurance for students traveling for studying abroad. You can buy any of these plans quickly and safely through Mawazna.com in Pakistan. 

Coverages Under UIC Travel Insurance 

The following coverages are offered under UIC travel insurance: 

- Get coverage for hospitalization expenses, transport or repatriation in case of accident or illness, accidental death, emergency dental care, delivery of medicines, long-distance medical information service, the appointment of local medical specialist, and permanent total disability 

- Avail coverage for repatriation of mortal remains, repatriation of family member traveling with the insured, travel of one immediate family member, relay of urgent messages, and connection services 

- Get coverage for delayed departure, loss of credit card, loss of passport, loss of checked-in baggage, and personal liability   

Exclusions of UIC Travel Insurance 

The following are the exclusions of UIC travel insurance: 

  1. No coverage for pre-existing medical conditions 
  2. Injuries due to war, terrorism, and invasion are not covered 
  3. Punitive damages and fire penalties

Covid-19 Compensations under UIC Travel Insurance 

The following Covid-19 compensations are offered for the insured age up to 70 years under UIC travel insurance: 

- Coverage of medical expenses and hospitalization abroad if the insured is tested positive 

- Post-treatment of the insured if tested positive 

- Follow-up treatment if recommended by a medical practitioner of the recognized hospital 

Applicable Conditions for COVID-19 coverage

The following conditions are applied for Covid-19 related compensations: 

  1. Covid-19 coverage is applicable when the insured submit his Negative test report undertaken within 96 hours before traveling 
  2. Claims shall be reimbursed in PKR currency only

Exclusions for UIC Travel Insurance

The policy does not offer coverage for quarantine in hospitals, or at home, and in private hotels. 

How to Buy UIC Travel Insurance? 

You can buy UIC travel insurance instantly through Mawazna.com. Here, you can compare travel insurance plans of all the major travel insurance companies in the country. Mawazna.com is an authorized partner with insurance providers in Pakistan, and you need to follow the following steps to purchase UIC travel insurance: 

- Visit Mawazna.com and click 'Travel Insurance.' product.

- Provide your travel details, such as destination, length of travel, and age

- Click 'View Quotes' to get a quotation from UIC and compare all available UIC travel insurance plans 

- Select the plan of your choice and click 'Buy Now' to purchase it instantly 

Who can Buy UIC Travel Insurance? 

Any Pakistani citizen aged up to 65 years can purchase UIC travel insurance before travel. In addition to this, an additional premium is required to be paid by anyone aged above 65 years up to 85 years. 

UIC Travel Insurance – FAQs 

Q: Is my UIC travel insurance policy refundable? 

Answer: Your UIC travel insurance policy is refundable on producing a rejection letter issued if the embassy rejects your visa application. 

Q: How to pay the premium of my UIC travel insurance? 

Answer: You can pay the premium of your UIC travel insurance online instantly through Mawazna.com. You can also make a bank deposit or pay the premium through a cheque for Mawazna.com.

Q: Is my UIC travel insurance policy mandatory? 

Answer: A travel insurance policy is mandatory for a Schengen visa. You can avail multiple benefits of UIC travel insurance when traveling anywhere around the world. 

Q: How much should I pay for UIC travel insurance? 

Answer: You can review the premium of UIC travel insurance plans through Mawazna.com and pay for the plan of your choice.