TPL Car Insurance is designed to provide individuals with plenty of options when it comes to finding the right level of cover that meets their needs. As an experienced Insurance provider, they ensure that each product is specifically designed to cover a range of vehicles, reducing the risks and providing safe motoring for all.

TPL Comprehensive Car Insurance

TPL Car Insurance understands that some people need to make sure that they are fully covered when it comes to car insurance. This insurance is designed to cover all possibilities when it comes to owning a vehicle but more importantly, it also provides an exceptional level of service. Policyholders are cover for everything, including minor damage to total loss and everything else in between. All claims are dealt with quickly while support is available around the clock.

TPL 5T Car Insurance 

The 5T package is designed for those who don't quite require full, comprehensive cover and so, this still affords them an exceptional level of cover. It comes with five benefits including cover for Terrorism, Total Loss, Theft, Third Party Insurance and Trakker Services (covering 5Ts). This is an in-depth product that is sure to fulfil the needs of most drivers. Drivers can take advantage of a speedy claims service as well as a level of support that gives them confidence in TPL as a provider.

TPL 3T Car Insurance

Even though this package offers less cover than 5T, it still provides adequate cover for most drivers but at a fraction of the cost. Again, they still benefit the settlement of claims efficiently and the support they need during any issues. This cover offers protection against Theft, it comes with a tracker and Third Party Coverage.

TPL 2T Car Insurance

For those who are looking for basic cover, this is the ideal package for them. It still provides a high level of cover and support when required for Third Party and Theft, making it ideal for those who drive older, lower-valued vehicles.

TPL Secure T Car Insurance

For those who own a car that was manufactured before 2015, then this is the cover for them. It protects against Total Loss, Third Party and Terrorism while still delivering a great level of support and fast claim processing.

Self Insurance

For those looking for complete peace of mind, this insurance product covers damage of up to PKR 10,000 as well as providing a 25% discount on the gross premium.

TPL Car Insurance - Value Additions

TPL car insurance ensures that customers have all that they need when it comes to selecting car insurance as all packages come with value additions. Kar4Kar will ensure that those customers who have lost their vehicle through theft or total lost are provided with a new vehicle within 7 days. Along with this, any hospital bills are covered should policyholders find themselves in an accident. When individuals find themselves with a flat tyre or they have broken down, the EVAC service is designed to be there when they need assistance.

Free Features Available

All packages come with a host of free features and this includes a fast claim logging and handling process with claims settled in 7 days. Users can use the mobile app to check the progress of claims as well as do many other things. Direct service is designed to respond within a matter of hours when a problem arises while a trusted network of repair shops will ensure that your vehicle is back on the road in no time at all. Finally, support is on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing support for issues or problems when required.

If you are looking for car insurance then TPL Car insurance is a valued provider, however, at, we make it possible for you to compare prices across a wide range of providers. This ensures that you always get the best price and the best level of cover.