Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan) Ltd has a wide range of products and services available to all of its clients in Pakistan. As one of the the old and largest international bank in Pakistan, it is highly regarded and was the first bank to be awarded an Islamic banking licence. The bank serves both retail and corporate customers, offering consumer loans including personal loan, ready cash, credit cards, saving accounts, home finance and mortgages. The produts and services currently being offered to Pakistani Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) include trade finance, cash management, lending and corporate finance. The bank also offers a wide range of Islamic banking products and services through its Standard Chartered Saadiq brand.

The Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan) also offers both online and mobile banking services to its customers across Pakistan. Consumers having a bank account with Standard Chartered (Pakistan) ltd can enjoy global banking experience whilst on travel in any part of the world.  The bank currently operates 94 branches across Pakistan. 

There are currently five Credit Cards available through Standard Chartered.

• Visa Platinum Credit Card
• Mastercard Titanium Credit Card
• Mastercard Cashback Credit Card
• Visa Gold Credit Card
• Mastercard Easy Credit Card

All of the credit cards on offer are designed to work for different people based on their needs. Therefore, they offer cashback credit cards helping those to earn while they spend as well as cards that are designed to help people manage their monthly expenses better.

Standard Chartered also offer loans to those who require cash that is readily available for them to make that special purchase.

Their Personal loan is designed to make it easy to book a dream holiday, carry out redesign work around the home or pay for the wedding of a child. Loans can be spread over as much as long as five years while borrowers could borrow as much as PKR 2 million. Interest rates are extremely competitive with no guarantors requires.

Saadiq home finance from Standard chartered makes it possible for borrowers to purchase a new home, renovate the home, extend the home or move an existing home loan product.

It is possible to obtain as much as 75% of the property value and the loan can be spread over as much as 25 years. The rates are competitive and there are no processing charges.