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HBL is one of the leading and oldest bank in the banking industry. Established in 1941 and moved to Pakistan in 1947 upon the request of the Founding Father-Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Then after moving in to Pakistan, HBL became the first commercial bank in Pakistan. Embarking on a progressive journey in all those years, HBL has captured the sizeable portion of the domestic market due to which it was nationalized in 1974. In December 2003, the Government of Pakistan has divested its 51% shareholding to the Aga khan Fund for Economic Development through Privatization Commission of Pakistan and therefore making HBL Pakistan’s largest private bank.

HBL offers numerous products to its customers and serving them with dedication and sincerity. Currently, HBL is offering 5 types of credit cards to its valued customers. Each category has its own unique benefits and discounts design specially for that class of customers to cater their needs.

The Following are the credit cards of HBL: HBL Platinum credit card, HBL Gold credit card, HBL Green credit card, HBL Fuel Saver Gold credit card and HBL Fuel Saver Green credit card.  

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