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Comprehensive Bike Insurance

The highest level of protection and it covers damages to the policy holder's bike and all the third party liability.

2T Bike Insurance

Get a basic cover to protect your bike from theft and total loss expenses.

Get Basic or Full Coverage

You can select basic (Theft & Total Loss) or full coverage (comprehensive insurance) matching with your bike insurance needs.

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Financial Protection

Bike Insurance offers you financial protection and helps you to save your money in case of a bike accidents or theft.

What is Bike Insurance?

Bike Insurance is an insurance policy designed to protect your Bike against damages due to an accident, natural disaster, and theft. You can purchase this insurance policy as comprehensive protection and a basic cover with 2T protection (theft and total loss). Bike insurance is an ideal policy to meet financial losses that may arise due to any damage caused to your motorbike.  Motorbike insurance is made to provide financial coverage for your Bike due to an accident. The policy is offered at affordable premium rates.  Mawazna.com is a leading digital insurance marketplace through which you can easily purchase motorbike insurance of your choice. You can compare and review multiple plans of motorbike insurance offered in Pakistan at Mawazna.com

Types of Bike Insurance 

The following are the types of Bike Insurance offered in Pakistan:
Comprehensive Bike Insurance: This type of insurance protects your Bike from any damages, including third-party liabilities. With this insurance policy, you can protect your Bike from damages caused due to theft, accidents, and natural calamities.
Basic Cover: This type of bike insurance protects you against basic covers, including theft and total loss.

Documents Required for Bike Insurance 

The following documents are required for Bike Insurance in Pakistan: 

  • A copy of your valid CNIC 
  • Copy of Bike registration card
  • Coverages Offered under Bike Insurance 

    The following coverages are offered under Bike Insurance: 

  • Theft protection
  • Total Loss
  • Accidental damages to the Bike
  • Cost of spare parts 
  • Damages due to natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, typhoons, cyclones, and hurricane 
  • Burglary, housebreaking, fire, lightning, frost, self-ignition, and external explosion 
  • Riot, strikes, and malicious acts 
  • Transit by road, rail, air, lift, waterway, or elevator 
  • Exclusions of Bike Insurance 

    The following are the key exclusions of bike insurance:

  • Depreciation cost
  • Electrical and mechanical breakdown 
  • Damages such as battery damages or tire damages 
  • Accident or damages caused out of the geographical area
  • Damages due to nuclear fuel, weapons, or radiation 
  • Any loss under the influence of drugs and liquor  
  • Damages caused by war or civil unrest  
  • Benefits of Purchasing Bike Insurance? 

    In Pakistan, thousands of Bikes are stolen and snatched on roads daily. Unexpected damages can strike anytime, and you need to protect your motorbike from any uncertainty. Pakistan is a developing country, and the conditions of roads are poor. Furthermore, the lack of awareness among people related to traffic rules has increased motorbikes accidents.   You can purchase a motorbike insurance policy for protection against any unwanted damages. The policy is designed to provide you financial protection in case of an accident or third party liabilities. You can get protection for accidental injuries sustained by you on your motorbike with a Bike Insurance policy. 

    How to Purchase Bike Insurance? 

    Mawazna.com is a growing motorbike insurance marketplace in Pakistan through which you can purchase motorbike insurance for your motorbike. The platform is the authorized partner with all the major insurance providers in the country that makes it a safe place to purchase a motorbike insurance plan. Moreover, we at Mawazna.com offers you tailored plans of Bike Insurance so that you can stay safe in case of an emergency while driving your Bike.  To purchase motorbike insurance through Mawazna.com, you need to visit Bike Insurance product at Mawazna.com. Here, you can compare and review multiple plans of motorbike insurance offered by insurance providers in Pakistan. Moreover, Mawazna.com offers you the facility to purchase a motorbike insurance plan of your choice without any hassles and ensures that you get an electronic copy of your motorbike insurance without any delay. 

    Providers of Bike Insurance in Pakistan

    The following are the providers of Bike Insurance in Pakistan: 

    UIC Insurance 

    UIC Insurance offers its Bike Insurance to customers in Pakistan. You can purchase Bike Insurance by UIC Insurance through the Bike Insurance product at Mawazna.com. 

    Jubilee General Insurance 

    Jubilee General Insurance offers its bike insurance to customers in Pakistan. To purchase Bike Insurance offered by Jubilee General Insurance, you can visit Bike Insurance products at Mawazna.com. 

    EFU General 

    EFU General is one of the leading insurance providers in Pakistan, offering Bike Insurance to customers in the country. You can visit Bike Insurance products at Mawazna.com to purchase Bike Insurance. 

    TPL Insurance 

    TPL Insurance is offering excellent plans of Bike Insurance to customers in Pakistan. To purchase Bike Insurance offered by TPL Insurance, visit Bike Insurance product at Mawazna.com.