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Compare Best Mutual Funds offered by Leading Fund Managers in Pakistan. Islamic Funds, Conventional Funds, Income Funds, Equity Funds, Money Market Funds and Savings Plans All under One roof.
Compare Best Mutual Funds offered by Leading Fund Managers in Pakistan.

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  • AlMeezan Investment

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Mutual Funds

Mutual Fund is a specialized investment arrangement that is created and managed by Asset or Fund Managers. Fund Managers or Asset Management Companies collect money from investors and then that pool of money is invested in top performing securities, stocks, bonds and other similar assets. A mutual fund is managed professionally by creating a highly diversified portfolio of investment. Any dividends or income earned from the mutual fund investment is then distributed into the shareholders of that mutual fund. Fund Managers or Asset Management Companies are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP).They charge nominal fee to manage the funds on behalf on their investors. 


Islamic Mutual Funds

Islamic Mutual Funds are also being provided by Pakistan's leading Fund Managers and Asset Management companies. Islamic Mutual Funds are managed in same way as of Conventional Mutual Funds however any security investments are made into the Shariah-Compliant investments. The demand of the Islamic Mutual Funds is growing and a very large number of Shariah-Compliant mutual funds are available. 


Conventional Funds

Conventional funds are used by investors and are not traded on an exchange. What this means is that investors can redeem conventional funds at any time which means that they will get their percentage of the fund’s net assets. The only way they can get their money is by redeeming their investment in the fund.


Income Funds

An income fund is considered to be a type of mutual fund or exchange-traded fund that focuses on the current income on a monthly or quarterly basis. The current income will be prioritized in the form of interest or dividend-paying investments. Income funds will also invest in bonds and other fixed-income securities along with preferred shares and dividend stocks. Income funds are considered to be a lower risk than those funds that focus on capital gains.


Equity Funds

An equity fund is a form of a mutual fund or private investment fund whereby money is invested in businesses. These businesses are commonly publicly traded common stock. The common thing among all equity funds is that the fund management company will need to seek out opportunities to invest in thriving businesses where investors benefit in high profits.


Money Market Funds

Money Market funds take investors money and invest it in highly liquid instruments which could be classed as cash or cash equivalent securities as well as high credit rating debt-based securities that have a short-term maturity, often less than 13 months. Therefore, these funds can offer high liquidity with a low level of risk.


Balanced Funds

Balanced funds will be made up of a stock component as well as a bond component and they might also contain a money market component in one portfolio. These funds are commonly linked to a fixed mix of stocks and bonds with their holdings balanced between equity and debt. The objective of them is to achieve growth and income which is why it is called balanced. Balanced funds are for those investors who want to find a mix of safety, income and decent capital appreciation.


Asset Allocation Funds

This fund gives investors a diversified portfolio of investments that cover a number of asset classes. The asset allocation of the fund can be fixed or it can be variable within a mix of asset classes. What this means is that it can be held to percentages that are fixed within asset classes or they can go overweight on others depending on the conditions of the market. Some popular asset classes include stocks, bonds and cash equivalents.


Retirement Savings & Pension Funds

Retirement Savings & Pension Funds are targeted for those customers who would like to enjoy their retirement life and still want access to the money even after they stop working. Retirement Savings & Pension Funds are designed to invest money and grow savings using a number of asset classes to do so. These funds also incorporate the same principle and are aimed at investing investors money using a number of investment vehicles in order to grow the Net Asset Value (NAV). If you have invested in Retirement Savings & Pension Funds, you can also avail tax benefits offered by the Govertment of Pakistan. The investment can start from as low as Rs. 500. Retirement Savings & Pension Funds are highly tailored that offer you a facility either to invest a lump sum amount or through a regular interval based installments. Reitrement Savings & Pension Funds offer you access to highly diversified investment portfolio. 

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