Gold Rate in Pakistan

Today’s gold rate in Pakistan’s gold market is PKR 215,200 for 24K per tola as per Saraf Jewelers Association. The gold rates in Pakistan are determined by several factors, such as fluctuation in the international gold market or exchange rate. Many traders and investors are interested in knowing about the changing gold rates in the country daily.

The significance of gold cannot be denied as it is one of the most precious metals used for multiple purposes like valuable jewellery. It is used as money for exchange and as a store of value, which increases its worth among people. The purest form of gold is in 24K; however, gold is also available in 18K, 20K, 21K, and 22K. 

Today's Gold Rates in Pakistan Last updated: 30-05-2024

Gold Rates 18K Gold 21K Gold 22K Gold 24K Gold
Per Tola Rs. 161,400 Rs. 188,300 Rs. 197,265 Rs. 215,200
Per 10 Gram Rs. 138,375 Rs. 161,438 Rs. 169,124 Rs. 184,500
Per Gram Rs. 13,838 Rs. 16,144 Rs. 16,912 Rs. 18,450
Per Ounce Rs. 392,250 Rs. 457,625 Rs. 479,413 Rs. 523,000

Understanding Gold Price in Pakistan

When someone talks about gold, it means that something is exquisite, pure, and expensive. Gold has been a precious metal worldwide and is mined, circulated, and processed for decades. Its value has been accepted all over the world since its usage as money

Gold is considered a precious metal in Pakistan, thanks to its usage in the making of jewellery or as a viable source of investment. Pakistan is a developing country with a volatile exchange rate and balance of payment crisis. In such conditions, the gold price in the country fluctuates and it remains an expensive metal.

Since gold in the international market is dollar-dominated, the rupee-dollar equation plays a crucial role in determining gold rates in Pakistan. The devaluation of the rupee against the dollar pushes the gold price upwards and vice versa. The country has recently been witnessing a trend that has increased the rates of gold.

The current higher prices of gold in the country depend upon uncertain financial conditions and economic issues. The rates of inflation also play an important role in setting gold rates. When inflation rises, the value of the rupee falls against the dollar that pushes gold prices higher.

The international gold rate is determined in London Bullion Market where currencies such as Euro, Dollar, or Pound Sterling dominate. Furthermore, the mining capacity of gold in the country is minimal, thus, Pakistan has to rely on importing gold.

A common person keeps gold to fulfil his financial needs in times of monetary hardships. People like to buy gold to gain a great deal of cash in future. Therefore, gold is just not for adornments yet it is used as a storage of value. The top ten countries with the largest gold reserves include the USA, Germany, Italy, France, China, Russia, Switzerland, Japan, Netherlands, and India.

Factors Determining Gold Rate in Pakistan

Gold is a precious metal and is widely used in Pakistan, thanks to its usage in making jewellery. The following factors determine gold rates in Pakistan:

  1. When the demand for gold in the international market is high, the price of gold will eventually increase
  2. The price of gold increases when its supply decreases in the market because the central bank wants to keep it in reserves
  3. When the value of the dollar increases, the price of gold also increases as it is closely tied with the dollar
  4. As the interest rate rises, the gold price in Pakistan also increases

Gold Rate in Pakistan – FAQs

Q: How many grams of gold are there in one tola?

Answer: The measurement of one tola of gold varies in different countries. However, there are 11.663 grams of gold in one tola in Pakistan.

Q: What does Karats mean? 

Answer: Karat is also stated as K that defines gold purity; the higher is the value of Karat, the purest is the gold. The measurement of Karat is done on a scale of 0 to 24. The purest gold that you can get in the market is 24K.

Q: What is the difference between 22K gold and 24K gold?

Answer: 22K gold contains around 91.7% pure gold, is more durable and harder, less expensive than 24K gold, and is used to make jewellery and coins. On the other hand, 24K gold contains around 99% gold, is suitable for investing, costs the highest rates, and is used to make electrical and medical equipment. 

Q: How many Karats of gold should I choose for jewellery?

Answer: The decision to select Karats of gold to make jewellery depends on how frequently you are going to wear the jewellery. Ideally, 14K or 18K gold should be selected to make regular jewellery with intricate designs. For 22K gold or 24K gold, it is not possible to make regular jewellery as these are too soft for holding gems or resisting regular wear and tear.

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