What is Schengen Travel Insurance?

Schengen travel insurance covers the costs and losses associated with traveling to any of the Schengen states. The policy has multiple benefits as it provides you comprehensive coverage in various circumstances, such as loss of personal belongings and medical emergencies. A minimum health insurance coverage of EUR 30,000USD 50,000 is mandatory to get your Schengen visa approved. You can buy your Schengen travel insurance instantly through Mawazna.com in Pakistan. 

Benefits of Schengen Travel Insurance 

The following are the benefits of Schengen Travel Insurance: 

- Get cashless hospitalization cover in Schengen countries 

- Avail coverage for medical expenses incurred during the trip, including emergency dental care 

- Get illness, accidental injuries, and personal accident coverage

- Costs of medical evacuation are covered 

- Avail coverage for loss of passport and checked-in baggage 

- Get coverage for loss of credit card, delayed departures, delivery of medicines, connections services, and travel of one immediate family member

Which European Countries are Included in Schengen Travel Insurance? 

The Schengen travel insurance includes 26 European countries, which are Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Czech Republic, Estonia, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Portugal, Norway, Poland, Netherlands, Malta, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Greece, Germany, France, and Finland. 

Where to Buy Schengen Travel Insurance? 

You can buy your Schengen travel insurance in a hassle-free way through Mawazna.com in Pakistan. Here, you can compare the Schengen travel insurance plans, their rates, features offered by the leading insurers in the country. Use the following steps to buy your Schengen travel insurance:

  1. Visit Mawazna.com and click 'Travel Insurance.'
  2. Select the type of plan you need, such as Self/Family, Student, and Group travel insurance.
  3. Provide your travel details and click 'View Quotes' and review the offered Schengen travel insurance plans matching your needs.
  4. To buy Schengen travel insurance of your choice, click 'Buy Now and pay the premium in a hassle-free way through our online channel 

Who provides Schengen Travel Insurance in Pakistan? 

All the major insurance companies in Pakistan, such as Adamjee Insurance, Jubilee General Insurance, EFU General Insurance, UIC Pakistan, TPL Insurance, Habib Insurance, Pak-Qatar General Takaful, Askari Insurance, and SPI Insurance, offer Schengen travel insurance. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Schengen Travel Insurance

Q: Which Schengen travel insurance should I buy? 

Answer: You can review the Schengen travel insurance plans of all the leading insurers in Pakistan at Mawazna.com and select the plan of your choice without any hassle. You should at least buy minimum health insurance of EUR 30,000USD 50,000 to get your Schengen visa approved. 

Q: Why should I buy travel insurance for a Schengen visa? 

Answer: Travel insurance is mandatory for Schengen visas as per the rules and regulations set by Schengen countries. 

Q: How can I safely pay the premium of my Schengen travel insurance? 

Answer: You can pay the premium of your Schengen travel insurance in a hassle-free way through Mawazna.com. 

Q: Can I pay my Schengen travel insurance premium monthly? 

Answer: The premium of your Schengen travel insurance is paid at the time you purchase it. You can buy your Schengen travel insurance without any hassle through Mawazna.com. 


Additional Supporting Information on Schengen Visa

Listed below is the essential information about the Schengen visa that will help you in understanding the procedure. 

What is a Schengen Visa? 

Your Schengen visa a short visa that allows you to travel to any of the member states of the Schengen Area. You can get a Schengen visa for a stay of up to 90 days for business or travel purposes. With this visa, you can enter, travel within, and leave the Schengen Area from any Schengen country freely. However, the Schengen visa is not available for a stay of more than 90 days. In addition to this, if you are planning to work, live, or study in any of the Schengen countries, you should apply for a national visa in that country. 

Requirements for Schengen Visa 

You need to arrange the following documents for the Schengen visa: 

  1. Your valid passport 
  2. The correctly filled and signed visa application form 
  3. Schengen travel insurance policy with a minimum medical coverage of Euro 30,000/$50,000 
  4. Your passport size photographs 
  5. A declaration letter mentioning your duration of stay and purpose of travel 
  6. Your bank statement is required 
  7. Round trip itinerary or reservation  

Travel Documents Required to Entre Schengen Countries 

The following documents are required for non-EU/Schengen nationals to enter Schengen countries: 

  1. A valid passport 
  2. Your Schengen visa 

In addition to this, the Schengen border officials can ask you about other documents and information such as proof of accommodation, sufficient funds, travel insurance, your duration of stay, round-up airline ticket, invitation letter, and the purpose of entry. However, do not forget to ask the officer about the entry stamp in your passport, as, without it, you could be detained or fined. 

Types of Schengen Visa 

The following are the types of Schengen visa: 

  1. Business Purpose: you can get a Schengen visa for business purposes in any of the member states. This visa is issued for a stay of not more than 90 days 
  2. Visiting Friends and Family: to visit friends and family living in the Schengen zone, you need a Schengen visa. The maximum validity of this visa is 90 days per 06 months 
  3. Tourism and Holidays: as a national of a third country, you can enter the Schengen area with a Schengen visa for tourism and holidays purposes for a maximum of 90 days per 06 months 
  4. Culture and Sports Events: this Schengen visa is offered for events such as sports, cultural, and religious or for film crews with a validity of 90 days stay per 180 days 
  5. Airport Transit and Transit for Seafarers: you need a transit Schengen visa to enter the Schengen territory to change your mean of transport. The validity of this visa is of 24 hours and within the international transit area of a Schengen airport  
  6. Official Visits: if you plan to attend any meetings, consultations, exchange programs, negotiations, and events held by intergovernmental organizations, you need a Schengen visa. The validity of your stay in this regard will be up to 90 days per 06 months 
  7. Medical Reasons: you can enter Schengen member states to receive any medical treatment. The validity of your stay is up to 90 days within 06 months with the option of extension in case your health is in serious condition 
  8. Short-term Study and Research purposes: you can get a Schengen visa for short-term study and research purposes for a maximum of 03 months' stay in Schengen member countries