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Mawazna.com is a rapidly growing financial services (Banking and Insurance) comparison platform offering a leading marketplace for personal finance products to Pakistani consumers. Financial products are quite complex and therefore our aim is to enable Pakistani consumers to make well-informed personal finance decisions. Mawazna.com also helps consumers to save their valuable time and money. A wide range of financial products comparison is offered today including Credit Cards, Home Loans, Car Loans, Personal Loans, Car Insurance, Health Insurance, Travel Insurance, Life Insurance, Takaful products and Broadband Internet products. Mawazna empowers and enables consumers to find, compare, research and apply financial products only after having full visibility to the market-wide product offering by all Providers. 

Mawazna.com also provides an additioanl digital channel to the Providers enabling them to offer their retail products to a growing digital community and customerbase through Mawazna.com. Mawazna works as a bridge between banks, Insurance companies, telecom services providers and new age of digital customers. The platform is available anytime, anywhere on any device.

How to select the best financial products?

It is very quick to search and find various financial products, their prices or rates online at Mawazna. You just need to click on the related product, provide your details and review all the products being offerd by the leading providers. You will also have an option to buy or apply for that product through Mawazna.


Visit the related product page, provide your details and you will be able to see all plans and products at one place.

Compare & Select

Always use our comparison tool to compare any specific products and plans of your choice before you choose one.

Buy or Apply

Click on 'Buy Now' or 'Apply Now' button and provide your details. We will now work with provider on your behalf to get the product you have requested.

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Frequently asked questions

Is Your Information Trustworthy?

Yes. At Mawazna.com we always aim to get the latest and most up-to-date information from all service providers. This will give you the best possible comparitive view with accurate information. With that being said, we do realise that some providers may change their products at any time, so it’s always advisable to make direct contact with the specific provider before you choose to buy any of their product.

What Kind of Products Can I Compare with Mawazna.com?

As a leading price comparison platform in Pakistan, Mawazna.com provides a wide range of products across many sectors. This includes banking, insurance, internet & mobile, travel and business services. We provide consumers with a comprehensive information related to the products and services matching with their specific needs, through a reliable platform to obtain up to date price comparison and overview.

Is My Privacy Protected?

Yes. We have a firm privacy policy in place to protect your personal information and we take absoloute care to maintain your privacy whilst you are looking for new products and services. We will not share your details with any 3rd party without your consent. You can read more about this, as well as about the information we collect within our privacy policy section.

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  • "Great experience!"

    Felt very comfortable after using Mawazna.com for my credit card selection decision, good user experience and knowledgeable team behind the initiative. All the best !

    Shoaib Choudhary CEO - Expedite

  • "Satisfactory services"

    Bought our recent Travel insurance from mawazna.com. These guys are quite helpful and cooperative. Thanks

    Muhammad Ali Khan Lahore - Pakistan

  • "Travelling got easier"

    I had to buy car insurance so I was searching google and found Mawazna.com. I submitted my details and their team contact me with highly professionalism. They guided me very well and helped me to arrange my car insurance with best rate.

    Faisal Aziz Lahore - Pakistan

  • "Overall good experience"

    Recently purchased my travel insurance for Turkey visa through Mawazna.com team. Highly trusted company offering professional services. I will use them again. Highly recommended !

    Hassaan Ahmed SKANS, Lahore

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