The HBL car loan rate is a simple and effective product that is designed to help the borrowers having their own freedom, giving them complete independence to buy the car of their own choice. It is a transparent product that is both competitive and flexible, ensuring that it fits the needs of those who are looking to own their own vehicle. Those who decide to take out this product will benefit from up to 85% financing, giving customers the chance to benefit.

Features and Benefits

The HBL car loan product is designed to give the borrowers the chance to own a new, used or imported vehicle with the right finance available to them. There is a significant amount of financing available for borrow, making it possible for borrowers to purchase a car that really does meet their specific needs.

For those who opt to purchase a used car, they will be able to spread the loan over a period of five years, however, for those who purchase a new car, they can spread the cost of seven years. This makes it an affordable and attractive prospect.

The bank has worked hard to build up relationships with business partners, therefore, offering customers the chance to benefit from comprehensive insurance coverage and a tracker along with the loan product. Both products enhance the safety of drivers and ensure the vehicle is protected.


All salaried applicants must be a Pakistani Citizen and they have to be at least 22 years old or a maximum of 60 years old when the product matures. A minimum monthly salary of Rs. 20,000 for salaried is required ensuring that borrowers can cover the cost of the loan.

For those who are self-employed, they must also be a Pakistani citizen and be a minimum of 22 years old. The maximum age is set at 70 years old when the loan matures. They are also expected to earn a minimum monthly salary of Rs. 25,000 in order to be accepted for the loan.