What is Parents Health Insurance? 

Health insurance for parents and senior citizens aims to protect your parents' health care in case of a medical emergency. The policy provides the benefits of cashless medical treatment for your parents. It ensures your peace of mind, as you do not have to arrange cash before taking your parents to a hospital in case of any emergency. 

A parents' health insurance policy provides coverage for pre and hospitalization expenses, specialized investigations, and ICU charges. However, some exclusions in the policy, such as the expenses arising due to psychiatric treatment, injuries from wars, and sexually transmitted diseases, are not covered. 

Some insurers in Pakistan exclusively design this policy for your parents' protection. However, you can also buy individual health insurance for your parents easily.  

Therefore, this is the right time for you to buy health insurance for your parents to protect them against medical uncertainty. Mawazna.com is a reliable and safe digital insurance marketplace in Pakistan where you can compare and purchase parents' health insurance in a hassle-free manner. 

Why do I Need Parents Health Insurance?

As your parents get old, their immunity to fight diseases might become weak. There is a possibility they are already suffering from a health disorder, and you want to get them treated in a good hospital so that they can retain their health without any hassles. Here comes the parents' health insurance policy to your rescue. 

Parents' health insurance plays a crucial role in protecting your parents in case of any medical emergency. The policy helps you cover the expenses of your parents' treatment smoothly. 

Listed below are some of the reasons that why a parents' health insurance policy is essential: 

  • The policy provides financial security in case of a medical emergency.  
  • As medical inflation is increasing over time, parents' health insurance covers the cost of medical treatment.  
  • A parents' health insurance policy increases your savings as the direct medical expenses are covered in it.  

What Coverages are offered in Parents Health Insurance?

Parents' health insurance is a plan covering the expenses of your parents' medical treatment. The policy provides coverage for hospitalization expenses, daycare procedures, and specialized investigations. It aims at providing you peace of mind when you take your parents to the hospital for any medical treatment. 

A parents' health insurance policy offers the following coverages: 

  1. The insurer pays pre and post-hospitalization expenses up to the limits specified in your policy document.
  2. Coverage for an international medical second opinion from some of the best hospitals all around the world. 
  3. Ambulance services expense up to a specific limit.
  4. The costs of daycare treatments and specialized investigations, including CT scans, MRI, and Endoscopy.
  5. ICU charges and expenses of fracture treatment, angiography, thallium scan, and accidental dental treatment.
  6. Cost of major surgeries up to the defined limit 

What is not covered in Parents Health Insurance? 

The following are the key exclusions of parents' health insurance that are not mostly not covered therefore it is suggested to review the policy documents in detail: 

  1. Expenses of treatments such as cosmetic, psychiatric, outpatient, and aesthetic 
  2. Expenses arising due to injuries from wars and invasions are not covered 
  3. Coverage for sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy-related expenses
  4. The cost of treatments such as drug abuse, self-inflicted injuries, and fertility impotence treatment.

Key Considerations to Select Health Insurance Plan for your Parents

Your parents need a comprehensive health insurance plan that meets their needs and requirements as due to old age they are more prone to health-related risks. Use the following guidelines to select a suitable health insurance plan for your parents: 

  1. Your aged parents are more prone to critical illnesses, and you need to buy a health insurance policy for them with the maximum coverage available as long as you can afford it.  
  2. While buying parents' health insurance, it is important to select a plan with advanced age entry and ideally no cap on age limit with lifelong renewability. 
  3. Checking the network hospitals before buying parents' health insurance is important. You need to buy a health insurance policy for your parents that cover the best hospitals in your area. 
  4. To buy the best parents' health insurance, you must compare the available health insurance plans before selecting one through Mawazna.com. It is suggested that you should check the premium of multiple health insurance plans to avoid any difficulties.  

Do insurance Companies provide Parents Health Insurance in Pakistan? 

A large number of insurance companies are providing health insurance that can be used for senior citizens and our parents. However, Jubilee General Insurance offers its ParentsCare Insurance that is health insurance exclusively designed for your parents. In addition to this, you can buy individual health insurance plans for your parents however the premium prices shall be increased based on the age such as over 65 years. All the major insurance companies in the country offer their health insurance plans such as TPL Life Health Insurance, SPI Health Insurance, UIC Insurance, Salaam Micro Health Takaful, Pak-Qatar Health Takaful, and Askari Health Insurance.   

Where to Buy Parents Health Insurance? 

You can buy your parents' health insurance quickly and safely through Mawazna.com. Using the Mawazna health insurance platform, you can find, select, compare and buy the best health insurance plan for your parents: We at Mawazna.com, provide you a wide range of health insurance policies for your parents from which, you can select the one that matches your needs. You can compare multiple health insurance plans on our platform and can review their premium. 

You must provide the essential information that includes the Age, gender, city, members to be covered, coverage amount, and select the type of coverage. Once you have listed the information, you can view quotes of multiple health insurance policies and purchase the policy of your choice instantly through our online platform.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q: Should I buy my Parents Health Insurance? 

Answer: You should buy Parents Health Insurance to protect your parents in case of a medical emergency. The policy provides you coverage for medical expenses so that you can get your parents treated in a hassle-free way. 

Q: What is the age limit in Parents Health Insurance? 

Answer: The age limit of Parents Health Insurance variates from plan to plan. You can visit Mawazna.com to check the age limit of multiple health insurance plans for your parents. 

Q: If my parents have a pre-existing disease, can I buy health insurance for them? 

Answer: You can buy health insurance for your parents covering the pre-existing disease up to a specific limit.  

Q: Which are the best Parents Health Insurance plans? 

Answer: Mawazna.com enables to review of all the leading health insurance plans provided by Insurance companies in Pakistan. It connects you with the best health insurance plans for your parents from which you can select the plan of your choice.