Bank Alfalah is the fifth largest bank in Pakistan and has over 600 branches spanning throughout the country in over 200 cities. The bank has been providing a wide range of banking services for over 20 years and provides banking solutions for personal customers, businesses, institutions as well as the government. The bank is owned by the Abu Dhabi Group and offers presence in other countries as well such as Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bahrain and a representative office in the UAE. Bank Alfalah is also making efforts to support the development of SMEs in Pakistan through more innovative products such as commercial financing, SME, agri-finance, Islamic and asset financing.

Whether you want to buy your own home, build your own home, carry out improvements on a current property or purchase a plot and build your home, a home loan from Alfalah has the perfect loan for you and will help you to get on the property ladder. The loan can be paid back over a period of 3 - 20 years and there is an annual balloon payment facility that allows borrowers to pay the loan off quicker.

Bank Alfalah also offering a unique product called Home BTF which is a balance transfer facility that allows you to pay off your home finance secured through other banks on a better rate of interest hence offers saving and hassle-free experience.

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Bank Alfalah has a number of credit cards available that are designed to offer a number of privileges and freedom.

The Alfalah Visa Platinum Credit Card is a card that offers travel rewards that enabling Card Holders to earn points that can be redeemed for airline tickets, airline ticket upgrades as well as hotel bookings. There are also discounts available for shopping spends and dining. The Card Holders will also benefit from the Airport lounge access.

Alfalah Visa Gold Credit Card is a card that can be used around the world and offers users enormous discounts at restaurants, shops and for airline travel. The credit card can be used to earn rewards known as orbits and the points can then be redeemed for airline tickets, upgrades, and hotel bookings. The card offers a balance transfer facility as well as a cash advance feature.

Alfalah Visa Classic Credit Card offers a wide range of benefits including discounts at shops and restaurants. Again, the card can be used to earn points towards air travel while it has a balance transfer and cash advance facility.

The Alfalah Ultra Cashback card is a card that comes with no fee for the first year, with users being able to earn cashback on over 100 shops and restaurants. It is accepted globally, there is a cash withdrawal facility as well as a balance transfer facility.

The Alfalah Titanium Credit Card offers a number of benefits and advantages that provide exclusive discounts and the chance to earn points towards air travel. It comes with a cash advance and balance transfer facilities.

The Alfalah Visa Corporate Card is designed for businesses, offering easy management and complimentary airport lounge access. Users can earn reward points for all spends and bonus reward points for the company, while each account is given a dedicated relationship manager.

Bank Alfalah offers personal loans that are ideal for those times in your life when you need to make a large purchase and you are running out of finances. The process time is quick and there are a number of payment options available. The loan can be paid over as long as five years and Alfalah account holders will earn points for taking out a personal loan. Since Alfalah Personal Loan is an unsecured loan, therefore, there is no collateral requirement. You can avail Alfalah Personal loan for up to PKR 2m.

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The Alfalah Auto Loan is designed to make it possible for borrowers to purchase a used, new or imported vehicle. The rates are competitive and the cost can be spread over as much as seven years. Borrowers can choose from fixed and variable rates giving them control over how much they spend per month. Bank Alfalah also offers various facilities to its Auto Loan customers through offering balloon payment facility and vehicle replacement options in cases when want to buy a new car and would like to make adjustments through an old car without any penalty.

Alfalah offers a wide range of deposit accounts aimed at a wide range of target customers.

Alfalah PKR Current Account – Users are given an account that offers them instant access to their account and funds that is non-interest bearing.

Alfalah Basic Banking Account – This account requires a small initial deposit and no monthly balance. Users can make 2 deposits and withdrawals per month.

Alfalah Asaan Account – Current - This simple bank account requires a small deposit of PKR 100.00 to open it and it comes with no service charges. There is a limit on deposits and withdrawals and no minimum balance required.

FCY Current Account – This account is ideal for those who carry out transactions in Pakistan and internationally through other currencies such as USD, GBP etc. The account can be opened in a range of currencies and there is no restriction on the number of monthly withdrawals or deposits.

Alfalah Savings Account – A simple savings account that pays interest on savings and allows user access to their savings while being able to make as many deposits as they wish. There is no requirement for a monthly balance.

Alfalah Kifayat Monthly Savings Account – This is for individuals and couples and offers increased profits on higher balances. Access to savings is simple and users can make online transactions.

Alfalah Care – An account for seniors that offers a good rate on savings. All profits are paid monthly and it requires just a small deposit to open the account. There is also no limit on withdrawals and deposits.

Alfalah SnaPack Account – This is the perfect account for children aged between 6 and 17. They can earn a profit on their savings when they open a joint account with parents.

Alfalah Royal Profit – This is aimed at those businesses that have high transaction numbers while it does require a minimum balance with higher profits paid on higher savings. There is no limit on monthly deposits or withdrawals.

Alfalah Asaan Account- Savings – A savings account that aims to offer a simple way to save and access your money. Profits are paid every six months and there is no minimum balance required. There is a limit on deposits and withdrawals.

Alfalah Term Deposit – For those who want to make their savings work hard, this is the perfect account. Savers can put their money away for up to five years where profits can be paid via a number of options.

Alfalah Kamyab Karobar – This business account offers free transactions, cheque-books, and bankers cheques. Cash withdrawals are free and an internet banking facility offers a greater level of control.

Alfalah Mahana Amdan – Savers can earn significant profits on fixed term savings. A minimum deposit is required with profit being paid every month.

Alfalah Foreign Currency Fixed Account – This is an attractive account for those who use foreign currency. It can be opened in several currencies with amounts being fixed in place for a number of periods.