How long does it take to receive a claim?

The main reason for buying a travel insurance policy is to ensure that you are financially covered if anything goes wrong in an alien country. We hope nothing goes wrong in any of your trips but if something happens then you can claim the expenses from your insurance company and Insurer will reimburse you after a formal standard procedure.

The most important question is how long it takes to receive a claim. Well, you must remember three things;

1st: Travel Insurance Company is doing a business

Travel insurance company is a business entity and does exist to make maximum profit. So if you are expecting it will give you money as soon as you file the claim then it is not true. Each travel insurance company has a set procedure to gather the claim information and supporting evidence followed by establishing whether your claim is genuine or not. Upon satisfying these procedural requirements, you will get the claimed amount.

2nd: You must be prepared

Your claim contains a bunch of receipts and documents. One of the ways to speed up your claim process is to go 100 % prepared. You must provide all the necessary information and details in the first attempt so the company doesn’t hold your claim due to non-provision of any receipt. So learn about the procedure and requirements beforehand and follow it to avoid unnecessary delays.

3rd: You will receive your legitimate money, no matter what

At the end of the day, you must be patient. You will receive your legitimate money, no matter what. Claims take time because they have to follow a certain protocol. These travel insurance companies exist because they are doing a fair job. Ultimately, claims will take a substantial amount of time but you will get reimbursed.


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