Different types of travel Insurance plans

Travel policies are categorized in different ways to facilitate the customers. We are going to highlight different types of travel insurance policies here;

Individual or Family Travel Insurance

You can buy a travel insurance policy for an individual or your entire family, depending upon your need. Individual policies are a bit expensive as compared to family deals. You get a discount on premiums and there are usually additional covers included  in family travel insurance policies.

Single Trip or Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

In case, your profession requires you to travel a lot in the world then you can buy multi-trip travel insurance policy. It usually covers your entire year with time limitations on different trips. A single trip policy is for one time visit. Again, multi-trip saves you money if you travel a lot. Also, you get rid of repeating the travel insurance process each time you have to go outside the country.

In additions, different travel insurance providers have their unique offerings and different types of plans are branded for effective marketing purposes. However, more or less, you will be encountered with the listed types of travel insurance policies in Pakistan.


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