Checklist: Your travel insurance policy must have these provisions

Travel insurance is a policy that you buy to keep yourself protected in an unknown land. Each travel insurance policy comes with different terms and conditions. Banks and insurance companies have the different set of provisions that they are willing to provide in exchange for the policy you buy from them.

In case you are confused or looking for a confirmation regarding if you have made the right deal, then we have a checklist for you. This checklist contains a list of provisions that are must for a travel insurance policy. Anything less than these provisions means that you are settling for a wrong travel insurance policy.

The Following are the provisions that must be part of your travel insurance policy;

  -  Most countries of the world should be covered i.e. Schengen states.

  -  A limited cover for your electronic devices should be present.

  -  Injury and sudden illness should be covered.

  -  24/7 emergency services and assistance (the travel insurance provider should be prompt enough to respond your first call, rather than asking you to call back).

  -  Lost, damaged, and stolen possessions should be covered. This may include, but not limited to, jewelry, documents, baggage, and camera etc.

  -  Cancellations like bookings (hotels, transportation etc.), flights, and others should also be taken care of in case of any emergency such as sudden illness or death in a family.

  -  Any emergencies and strife in your visiting country that made you head home early should be covered.

  -  Cover personal accidents in the foreign land.

  -  In case, you are stuck in a foreign country due to the bankruptcy of any company you were using, your travel insurance policy should provide you financial protection.

All above-mentioned provisions must be part of your travel insurance policy. You have a right to inquire about each statement from your travel insurance provider and make a purchasing decision after you are fully clear and satisfied.


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