Alfalah VISA Classic Credit Card

    Alfalah Visa Classis Credit Card offers who are in early phases of life. You can enjoy various discount and offers and make your life more comfortable.

  • Pros

    - Free credit facility upto 51 days

    - Unlimited discounts

    - Get reward against Orbit Points

    - Installment plan promotion for purchase lifestyle products and home appliances

    - Minimum payment option

    - Cash advance facility

  • Cons

    - Beware of late fees charges involved with this card

    - Excessive use of card may put you in a large debt

    - High interest but offers good associate benefits

  • Features

    - The card globally reaches all over the world more than 30 million ATM’s

    - You can also avail exclusive discounts on shopping, dining or travelling

    - The card offers different installment plans form 3 months to 36 months for repayment

    - The bank provides zero loss liability if information provided within timeline

    - You can also avail supplementary card option

    - For salaried person the credit limit will be Rs. 25,000/- to Rs. 125,000/-

    - For self employed / businessman minimum income Rs. 50,000 monthly with age 21 to 70 years

    - Don’t Worry ! about documentation there is minimum documentation requirement

  • Eligibility

    Salaried Person:
    - Minimum salary requirement: Rs 20,000
    - Age Limit:  21 - 60 years
    - Documents required: CNIC, Salary slips, Bank statement, Letter from employer

    Self-Employed / Businessmen:
    - Minimum income: Rs 50,000
    - Age Limit:  21 - 70 years
    - Documents required: CNIC, NTN, Proof of business, Bank statement