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Overview of Rewards Credit Cards

Reward credit card is an effective way to benefit from your daily spending. Using it in an efficient way, it can help you to earn reward points after every purchase you make. You can use these reward points in a supermarket to purchase any home appliance, self-care product and other gift items. Banks normally offer these rewards on credit cards to honor the spending of their customers and add value in their spending. On every spending, banks are offering certain reward points. After the accumulation of the reward points, they can be redeemed and purchase the gift/item of your choice.

How it Works ?

All you need to do is to use your Rewards credit card for shopping at the approved merchants and you get rewards instantly that are accumulated into your account balance. Once you earn reward points, then you can use those reward points instantly or at later stage to buy certain products from merchants. For example whilst using your reward credit card for shopping, on spending every PKR 25 you get one reward point. This amount varies from bank to bank.

On every transaction Rewards are being accumulated for you. After the accumulation of the reward points, you will be able to receive discounts when making payments for groceries, electronice outlets or any other approved merchants as an incentive.

You can redeem your reward points by doing the free shopping against those specified reward points. For example, different banks offer different brands on whom you can redeem your points by shopping the items. In this way, the reward credit card works.  


The benefits of the Reward credit card are as follows:

- It adds value to their shopping

- You can use the earned points to make the free purchases

- You can receive discounts, free shopping and travel benefits

There are various banks who are offering reward credit cards to make your shopping worthwhile. These banks are MCB classic credit card, MCB gold credit card, Alfalah titanium credit card, Faysal bank titanium credit card, Askari classic master card, Askari gold master card and Bank-al-Habib gold credit card.   

At you can view the details, benefits, promotions and discounts offered by these banks on their Rewards credit card.