MCB Classic Credit Card

A card having exciting rewards and multiple benefits without any annual fee

Interest Rate / APR
Chip Maintenance Fee
Cash Advance Fee
750 or 3% whichever is higher
Annual Fee
  • Pros

    - Free credit facility up to 51 days

    - Unlimited discounts and rewards points

    - Up to 75% cash withdraw against your card limit

    - Free access to CIP lounge

    -  Redeem your rewards points by product available on i-shop catalogue

  • Cons

    - Beware of late fees charges involved with this card

    - Beware of the potential of being engaged with Credit Card fraud if not used wisely

  • Features

    - Avail credit facility without markup up to 51 days

    - The card can be also used for online shopping with amazing discounts

    - Payback your other credit card’s outstanding in equal installments of 3 to 36 months at lowest markup rate

    - Provides you insurance cover against travel loss, Life, documents loss and fraudulent transactions through your card

    - Pay your outstanding amount on easy monthly installment instead of the complete amount

  • Eligibility

    Salaried Person:
    - Salary requirement not stated by bank
    - Age Limit:  21 - 60 years
    - Documents required: CNIC, Salary slips, Bank statement, Letter from employer

    Self-Employed / Businessmen:
    - Income requirement not stated by bank
    - Age Limit:  21 - 65 years
    - Documents required: CNIC, NTN, Proof of business, Bank statement

Other Details

  • Maximum Credit Limit


  • Interest Free Period

    51 Days

  • Balance Transfer Rate


  • Cash Advance Fee Annual (PKR)

    750 or 3% whichever is higher

  • Cash Advance Rate (%)


  • Rewards Program

    MCB i-Reward

  • Reward Points

    1 reward point for every PKR 50 spend

  • Late Payment Fee (PKR)


  • Foreign Transaction Fee (PKR)


  • Targeted For

    Salaried Person and Businessmen

  • Min. Income for Salaried (PKR)

    Salary requirement not stated by bank

  • Min. Income for Businessman (PKR)

    Income requirement not stated by bank

  • Best Suitable For

    Rewards and Discounts

  • Minimum Age (Years)

    21 Years

  • No. of Supplementary Cards


  • Payment Network


  • Loung Access

    VIP Lounges