Proton Cars Pakistan 

Proton is a Malaysian car manufacturing company that has recently debuted in Pakistan with its SUV. The company is working in partnership with Al-Haj Automotive Private Limited, and its first manufacturing plant will soon be operating in the country. Proton has launched its X70 car model in Pakistan and has been welcomed by car buyers. The vehicle comes loaded with advanced technologies, the latest safety features, and top-of-the-line performance capabilities.  

Understanding Proton Car Insurance

Proton Car Insurance protects your car against any uncertainty when you are on the road. The policy provides you multiple coverages such as car value coverage, accidental coverage, and coverage for damages done due to theft, fire, explosion, natural calamities, and third-party liability. 

How to Purchase Proton Car Insurance? 

To buy your Proton Car Insurance, you can visit, provide your car details, and get instant quotes from Pakistan's top Insurance companies. We facilitate you from start to end to sit and relax whilst we work with the insurance companies to arrange insurance for your vehicle. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q: How to purchase Proton Car Insurance?   

Answer: You can visit to purchase your Proton Car Insurance. You can review the car insurance policies of all the leading car insurance companies in Pakistan, and we can help you with the whole process. 

Q: What coverages are offered in Proton Car Insurance?   

Answer: Your Proton Car Insurance aims at providing you comprehensive coverages against accidental damages, theft, strikes, third-party liability, fire, and vandalism to ensure your peace of mind.   

Q: What rates are charged by my Proton Car Insurance?   

Answer: Your Proton Car Insurance rates differ from model to model based on whether your car is a new or old one. You can visit to review the latest rates offered by the car insurance companies for your Proton Car Insurance.  

Q: Is it important for me to get Proton Car Insurance?   

Answer: Proton Car Insurance provides you multiple coverages to cover any uncertainty when driving your car. It is also mandatory for you to at least buy Third-party Car Insurance for your car as per the Motor Vehicles Act Pakistan. You can also buy Comprehensive Car Insurance for your Proton car. 

Q: How can I renew my Proton Car Insurance?   

Answer: You can visit to renew your Proton Car Insurance at least 4 weeks before your existing car insurance expires, and our Team shall help you to get the best renewal quote. 

Q: How to get assistance for my Proton Car Insurance?    

Answer: You can get assistance for your Proton Car Insurance at We arrange your Car Insurance, as we are partners with all the major insurance companies in Pakistan. 

Q: Is buying Proton Car Insurance online a better choice? 

Answer: Buying your Proton Car Insurance at is safe and secure, and it also saves you time and money. A survey will be needed for your car before the insurance company can issue you a cover note, premium payment collection, and policy issuance. 

Q: Are there any discounts offered for Proton Car Insurance?   

Answer: To know about the discounts offered for your Proton Car Insurance, you can visit We keep you updated about all the discount offers for your Proton Car Insurance.