Hyundai Pakistan 

Hyundai Motor Company is a worldwide famous automobile manufacturer based in South Korea. The company began its venture in the Pakistani car market in the 1990s. It is known as Hyundai Nishat in Pakistan and has been manufacturing vehicles catering to car buyers' needs. 

Hyundai's vehicles in Pakistan are famous among people, thanks to their advanced technologies, cutting-edge safety features, and remarkable performance capabilities. Hyundai's vehicles offered in Pakistan include Santro, Shehzore, Santa Fe, Grand Starex, H-100, Ioniq, Tucson, Elantra, Sonata, and Mighty. 

Understanding Hyundai Car Insurance 

When you plan to buy your car, Hyundai Car Insurance protects your Hyundai car by lessening the chances of suffering from a loss caused by an unforeseen event. The policy covers any uncertainty arising from natural calamities, theft, accidents, third-party liabilities, terrorism, vandalism, and fire. In addition to this, your Hyundai Car Insurance also incorporates personal accidental coverage to provide you maximum benefits. 

Types of Hyundai Car Insurance in Pakistan 

You can buy the following car insurance policies for your Hyundai car: 

  1. Third-party Car Insurance: car owners must have third-party car insurance for their cars as per the Motor Vehicles Act Pakistan. This policy provides coverages to the third party if any liability is caused by accidents, bodily injuries, property damages, and death by your Hyundai car. 
  2. Comprehensive Car Insurance: a comprehensive car insurance policy aims at providing coverages for third-party liabilities and any damages caused by theft, total loss, accidents, explosion, terrorism, fire, and natural calamities. 

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To buy your Hyundai Car Insurance through, follow the following steps: 

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- Your Hyundai Car Insurance will be issued and shared through email. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Hyundai Car Insurance

Q: Why Hyundai Car Insurance is important? 

Answer: Hyundai Car Insurance plays a crucial role in protecting you and your car against any uncertainty arising from accidents, theft, fire, and third-party liability. 

Q: What coverages do I get in my Hyundai Car Insurance?  

Answer: When you buy Hyundai Car Insurance, you get coverages for accidental death, bodily injury, road accidents, natural disasters, third-party liability, theft, fire, and explosion.  

Q: What rates does Hyundai Car Insurance offer? 

Answer: You can review your Hyundai Car Insurance rates by the leading car insurers in Pakistan at However, please note that the premium rates may differ from model to model.  

Q: How can I get my Hyundai Car Insurance?  

Answer: To buy your Hyundai Car Insurance in a hassle-free manner, visit 

Q: Is buying Hyundai Car Insurance online beneficial? 

Answer: You can buy your Hyundai Car Insurance quickly and safely online through 

Q: How can I renew my Hyundai Car Insurance?   

Answer: Your Hyundai Car Insurance can be renewed through without any hassles. You are suggested to contact Team Mawazna at least 4 weeks before expiring your existing car insurance policy. 

Q: How can I know about the discounts offered for my Hyundai Car Insurance?  

Answer: is Pakistan's leading digital insurance platform that keeps you updated about all the discounts offers on your car insurance policy.