About Changan Pakistan 

Changan Automobiles is one of the famous Chinese auto manufacturers that entered the Pakistani market in 2018 in partnership with Master Motors Limited. The company initially entered the market with its commercial vehicles. It is now expanding its presence with the launch of new cars. The cars manufactured by Changan Automobiles come equipped with state-of-the-art convenience features, advanced technologies, and exceptional performance capabilities. Changan vehicles available in Pakistan are Alsvin, Karvaan, MB, and M9. The company is planning to launch its A800 car model as well. 

What is offered by Changan Car Insurance? 

Changan Automobiles is planning to launch its brand new cars in the Pakistani Market; you need Changan Car Insurance to protect your vehicle against any uncertainty. The policy aims at protecting you and your vehicle against any damages done due to accidents, theft, loss, vandalism, terrorism, and third-party liabilities. Your Changan Car Insurance reduces monetary risks that help you in doing financial planning. 

From Where to Buy Changan Car Insurance? 

You can buy Changan Car Insurance in a hassle-free manner through Mawazna.com (a growing digital marketplace in Pakistan). The platform offers you the opportunity to compare insurance policies of all the major insurance companies in the country to select the best policy yourself. Team Mawazna assists you with everything else once you like the policy of your choice.  

Frequently Asked Questions about Changan Car Insurance

Q: How to purchase my Changan Car Insurance?  

Answer: To purchase your Changan Car Insurance, you can visit Mawazna.com. You need to provide the essential information required and buy your policy without any hassle. 

Q: Which coverages do I get in my Changan Car Insurance?  

Answer: When you buy Changan Car Insurance, you get coverages for your vehicle against accidental damages, theft, strikes, natural calamities, fire, terrorism, vandalism, and third-party liability.  

Q: What are the rates charged by my Changan Car Insurance?  

Answer: The rates of Changan Car Insurance are based on the model and type of your car. You can Mawazna.com to review the latest rates offered for your Changan Car Insurance.  

Q: Why should I buy Changan Car Insurance?  

Answer: As Changan Automobiles is planning to enhance its presence in the Pakistani car market, you need to buy Changan Car Insurance to protect your vehicle. You must have minimum coverage for third-party insurance as per the motor act of Pakistan. 

Q: What is the way to Changan Car Insurance?  

Answer: To renew your Changan Car Insurance, you can visit Mawazna.com. You can contact team Mawazna at least 30 days before your present Changan Car Insurance policy expires. 

Q: How to get assistance for Changan Car Insurance?   

Answer: Mawazna.com comprehensively assists you with your Changan Car Insurance, so feel free to submit your request, and our team shall get in touch with you. 

Q: Should I buy Changan Car Insurance online?

Answer: Buying your Changan Car Insurance at Mawazna.com is safe and secure, and it also saves you time and money.  

Q: Are there any discounts offered for Changan Car Insurance?  

Answer: Mawazna.com keeps you updated about all the discount offers for your Changan Car Insurance. You can visit us anytime to know about discount offers on your car insurance policies.