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Overview of Travel Credit Cards

A travel credit card is a blessing in disguise for those people who travel a lot. Banks offers this facility to encourage their high-end customers to have a hassle free travel experience. They incentivize their customers by offering them discounts on flight tickets, travel insurance, car hire, hotel stay, dinning in’s and free access to airport lounges and multiple other. These all promotions are for the reason of customer retention and covering the unserved customer base. Travel credit cards normally benefit those customers who travel abroad frequently for recreation purpose, for work and for any other purpose which requires travelling.

How it Works?

Travel credit cards work on miles point system and also discounts system as well. Consumers can earn points through purchases by using their cards in specific categories for example, dinning, shopping whilst travelling etc. Points earned can be utilized to enjoy discounts on tickets, hotel stay and dinning etc.  


The benefits of the travel abroad credit card are as follows:

- You can enjoy personalized travel services

- The more you spend the more world miles you can earn free on your credit card

- It redeems your world miles while giving you discounts on tickets etc.

- You can enjoy free airport access to maximum airports lounges.


The following leading banks offer the best travel credit card. These banks are UBL visa gold credit card, UBL visa silver credit card, Askari world Mastercard, Faysal bank Airblue classic credit card, Faysal bank world credit card and standard Charted world miles credit card.  

At you can view the details, benefits, promotions and discounts offered by these banks on their Travel abroad credit card.