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Overview of Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Balance transfer credit card is the type of the card in which you can transfer the existing balance of a credit card to a new credit card and pay off the pending amount on a lower rate of interest. A few banks may charge you for this service whereas other banks may offer a promotional rate of transfering your balance to a new card. You can only transfer an amount up to your credit limit on the new card.  

How it Works ?

Step 1: When you request balance transfer it usually ask for the person whom you want to transfer the amount, the required account no and the amount transferred on the new account.  

Step 2: Once you approved the balance transfer, the credit card company contact your creditors and billers on your behalf and pays them the amount you mentioned during the transfer process.

Step 3: After the required amount is transferred, your bank will notify you with the SMS alert to keep you updated regarding the transaction and the made within. 

Benefits of Balance Transfer Credit Card

Following are the benefits of the balance transfer credit card:

- A low balance transfer annual percentage rate (APR) can help you to catch up with your existing debts

- Instead of paying multiple creditors on various due dates, accumulate all your balances into one card with a low or 0% promo or introductory APR so that you only have to keep the track record of one payment a month and not to confused yourself with multiple cards and various due dates

- You can avail various discounts and amazing offers all across Pakistan offered by your bank

- You may opt for free supplementary cards for your family

There are various banks who are offering Balance Transfer facility on their credit cards as per following:

Silk Bank Gold Visa Credit Card, JS Bank Gold Credit Card, Allied Visa Gold Credit Card and UBL Silah Mila Visa Credit Card.  

At you can view the details, benefits, promotions and discounts offered by these banks on their Balance Transfer credit cards and make a well informed decision.