Standard Chartered MasterCard Titanium Card

    Your card offers personalized customer services with excellent offers discounts and promotions

  • Pros

    - Free credit facility up to 51 days

    - 5% cash back against your transactions up to 10,000 at supermarket and fuel

    - The card is globally accessed 24 million worldwide

    - You can also get 5 supplementary cards for your family

    - E-statement facility at your email address

  • Cons

    - Annual fee 6000/-

    - Beware of late fees charges involved with this card

    - High interest but offers good associate benefits

  • Features

    - Free access of CIP lounges locally or internationally

    - Manager your account or credit with internet banking facility

    - Get unlimited discounts on dinning or shopping

    - SMS banking facility provides information of total outstanding and minimum payment amount

    - Pay your outstanding dues with in due date at 0% interest

  • Eligibility

    Salaried Person:
    - Minimum Salary Requirement: Rs 100,000
    - Age Limit:  21 - 60 years
    - Documents required: CNIC, Salary slips, Bank statement, Letter from employer

    Self-Employed / Businessmen:
    - Minimum income: Rs 150,000
    - Age Limit:  21 - 65 years
    - Documents required: CNIC, NTN, Proof of business,  Bank statement