Pre-requisites for getting a car insurance in pakistan

Auto Insurance in Pakistan requires a number of formalities and documents. The actual procedure is set by each auto insurance company in Pakistan but they all follow a somewhat same set of rules and regulations.

In case, you are looking for car insurance and wondering what are the pre-requisites, we have the basic information for you. The person seeking auto insurance must be;


The age limit of an auto insuree is above 21 and less than 60 (in most of the cases). Auto insurance companies don’t have policies for senior citizens mostly.


The vehicle for which you are seeking auto insurance must be in your name (insuree). There is an exception to this rule in a case where the vehicle has been bought on loan from a bank or leasing company.

Driver’s license:

Of course, a proper and genuine license is essential. The insuree must have a legitimate driver’s license issued by Pakistani authorities.

The above-mentioned obligations are related to the insuree. Following is a list of documents that your company may require to get car insurance;

  -  Copy of valid driver’s license

  -  Copy of vehicle registration documents

  -  Copy of National Identity Card

  -  For a salaried person, your last salary slip can be required

  -  For self-employed, a copy of your NTN can be required.

As highlighted previously, there are no hard and fast rules. Each insurance company decides its own pre-requisites for auto insurance in Pakistan. However, they will be similar to the basics mentioned here. Mawazna will provide a list of these pre-requisites against each car insurance plan for your review when you use car insurance product.